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looking for help in the form of writers

There comes a time when everyone has to admit that they need help and now is that time for me. Over the last ~4 years I’ve built into what you see today. It started off as a place for me to post quick notes to myself as a reminder to read articles later when I had time, but quickly developed into a full out entertainment blog. Friends started reading it on a regular basis and then a couple posts garnered quite a bit of attention and suddenly we were getting 1000’s of views a day. Sadly those 1000’s of readers a day don’t translate into dollars, so sadly I cannot quit my day job to focus on the site full time, but that would be the ultimate goal. And that’s why I need help.

Content is the key to everything on the internet, if you don’t have quality, engaging content then there’s no reason for anyone to visit your website. I guess what I’m saying is that I need help writing articles. Like I said, I still have a day job so I can’t focus on the site all the time, but if you’re in college and enjoy writing and enjoy video games, movies, tv, tech and/or music then this might be a good experience for you (just an example). You can use this site to get your articles viewed by hundreds, or even thousands, of people a day. You can use the articles you write to promote yourself as a writer or to promote a product you sell or another service you may offer. As long as it fits with the theme of the site, you’re more than welcome to write about it. If you are trying to make some extra cash by using affiliate networks, use our site as a conduit to write articles and post those links. I never got into this for the money, I got into this because I enjoy writing about the things in life that I enjoy… Obviously it would be nice to be able to do this for a living, but for right now I’m just happy I can do it at all.

I can’t pay you right now. Sorry. I obviously don’t have the funds to pay anyone, however, we do have relationships with some movie studios and PR firms and occasionally receive DVDs and Blu-Rays for review, which I can pass along to people willing to write. We’re working on building these relationships so hopefully we’ll be able to provide more reviews in the future.

I will not slow down my posting, but would like to ramp it up a bit, so if you have any desire to write for us please get in touch either via twitter @acslaterX or email [at]

TL;DR – Looking for help writing on the site, can’t pay you, but may be able to supply free DVDs/Blu-Rays for review. You’ll be able to promote anything you want from projects, bands, movies and even affiliate networks you’re trying to use to make a little cash. Contact info is just above this paragraph.