How To Kill Ants in Your Kitchen – Use Terro Ant Killer

terro ant killer

We recently moved into a new condo and have found that we have a slight ant problem around the door going out to the balcony. They appear to be coming into the kitchen because they smell the garbage/recycling. Neither our garbage can or recycling bin were closed cans so the smell was apparently strong enough for the ants to get a whiff of which then lead them to feed. Our first line of defense was to go out and buy some random ant traps from the local grocery store and place them near where the ants were coming in as well as near the garbage/recycling… needless to say it didn’t really help. The ants just completely avoided the traps and still made their way to the sweet sweet trash. So if you’re going to buy ant traps, don’t buy generic ones like the “Home Life” (Jewel’s house brand), they don’t work at all. Our next idea was to make sure we washed out any can that went into the recycling bin so that the ants wouldn’t smell the sugary goodness that is soda. This seemed to help, but it didn’t fix the problem, there were still ants around the garbage. Logically the next step was to replace the garbage can with one with a closed lid (we were planning on doing this even before the ants became a problem). This actually helped a bit as well, but there were still some lingerers ending up on the counters around the sink and such. It was starting to get really annoying. The last straw came when my fiancee found a bunch of ants in her lunch bag at work, I had to do something to fix this.

I did a little research on the internet and discovered that a lot of people swear by something called Terro Ant Killer. It comes in a couple different forms: traps, liquid, dust and spray, I went with the liquid as this is what I’d read about. The liquid is a syrup-based liquid that contains an ingredient called Borax. Borax is toxic to ants, but it does not kill them right away. The ants are attracted to the syrup and then feed on it and take the liquid back to the colony for the rest of the ants, thus eventually infecting and killing all of the ants in the colony. Needless to say I was a little skeptical of the whole thing since the original traps I had purchased didn’t work at all. I setup the Terro and waited for the ants to take the bait. It didn’t take long before there were hundreds of ants feeding on this stuff… it was actually way more ants than I had ever seen in the house and it worried me a little. If this stuff didn’t work I was going to have a huge infestation now because there are now hundreds of ants feeding on this stuff. There were so many ants I had to put out another little trap so that I made sure all of them had poison to eat. I had to refill the traps a couple times as they slurped up all the poison and took it away, but were still sticking around looking for more. I did this for a couple hours before I went to bed.

The next morning there were no ants anywhere to be seen and the traps still had liquid on them. Looks like this stuff actually works. I haven’t seen a single ant in a couple days now and the liquid is still out there for them to eat. So while this may seem like a straight up ad for Terro, it’s definitely not. I was just so impressed by the fact that this stuff worked as well as it did that I felt the need to spread the word as I know how annoying the ants were to us. The best part is a bottle of Terro only costs a couple of bucks and I barely used any to get rid of all of the ants we had. So throw away those old ant traps and make sure you pick up a bottle of Terro (or at least something that uses Borax as the active ingredient).

If anyone else has had an ant problem and has another method to kill them, feel free to let us know.