How Old Is Too Old?

I started this post a while ago after attending a concert with my girlfriend, we were probably 2 of the oldest people there that were not chaperoning their kids. And while I do enjoy the band, despite the fact that their demographic is 12 year old girls, I felt a lot out of place in the sea of teenagers. That got me thinking about what other situations or places have I finally outgrown now that I’m approaching 30 years old with no kids. Sure there are the obvious ones like Chuck E Cheese, which would probably get you arrested, but where else would it be frowned upon for a 30 year old to be seen.

The concert I mentioned above didn’t really make me as uncomfortable as it made me feel just plain old. It had me second guessing the fact that I actually enjoy some of this kind of music and while I ultimately don’t give a shit what other people think of the music I like, I also didn’t want to be known as that creepy guy at the 12 year old concert, although at least I was with my girlfriend and wasn’t dancing around, where as the 2 other guys that were probably older than us, were there by themselves, getting wasted and singing every song while hitting on the 15 year old girls sitting between us…. that was creepy and there’s no way I want to be that guy. Which kind of leads me into my next thing…

When are you too old to go to all of the trendy college bars in the city? Even if you’re single and trying to have a good time, don’t you feel awkward going into a bar that is frequented by 21-22 year old that are still in college, when you’re almost 30? Ok, I’ll give you to 25-26, maybe 27, but after that I think the getting drunk every weekend in those kinds of bars and clubs, bragging about your bottle service and how many jager bombs you took, just makes you look like a douche bag. Sure you’re single and not tied down to a girlfriend or a family, but if your goal is to ultimately find someone to settle down with, I pray to god you’re not looking for that person in one of these bars/clubs. Maybe it’s just the way I am, but at this age I’d much rather have a small group of friends hang out at a local sports bar or even a restaurants bar and have a few drinks, play pool and hang out. I don’t need the loud music, the idiots that think they are good dancers and the morons that are constantly running into you cause they are wasted at 10 o clock. Maybe it’s just me showing my age, but I still have friends that do this on a weekly basis and I honestly find it kind of pathetic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go out to those places occasionally, usually to celebrate something, but to do this every weekend just seems ridiculous, who are you trying to impress? Nobody wants to hear you brag about anything, whether it’s your job accomplishments, the chick you fucked the night before or how drunk you got last weekend, you’re just making yourself look like an idiot. Sure, at 30 you should still go out and have a good time on the weekends, but nobody wants to hear about it the next day. And the influx of social networks makes this a lot easier for those douche bags to indirectly brag to all their “friends”. Seriously grow up.

So what do you think, how old is too old to go to a tweenie bopper concert? How old is too old when it comes to going to college bars and bragging about your weekends? Do you even realize that most of the people at these places are younger than you and you are now known as that creepy older guy? Good for you if it doesn’t bother you, I guess you shouldn’t let what other people think get to you if you’re having a good time, but there’s got to be a point where you’re just like “ok, enough is enough, nobody wants to hear about this shit anymore”, but maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m on the outs on this one. I mean, when I go out to those kinds of bars or those concerts, I don’t care what the other people think, but I’m definitely conscious of the fact that we are probably some of the oldest people in there.

What about you younger people… do you find it weird to see 30+ year old guys hanging out at your college bars? I guess if you’re a gold digger looking for a loaded dude to suck the money out of, then it probably doesn’t bother you, but for those normal people, am I just crazy? Do you not find some of these guys to be creepy? Or maybe it’s just when you get up to the 40 year old range that it starts to get creepy…