Extreme Couponing

extreme couponing
When I go to the store I always buy at least 6 bottles of windex, 9 cans of spaghetti sauce, and 50 diapers.

Extreme couponing is apparently the cool thing to do these days. There are TV shows and website galore dedicated to the “art” of using coupons to save hundreds of dollars on food and groceries. So how come everyone isn’t doing this? It seems like you could easily save a lot of money on all of your purchases… seems like a no-brainer to me. Well, everyone is not doing this because, 1. it’s hard and takes a lot of time, 2. it causes you to buy a bunch of bullshit that you’re never going to use, and 3. in most cases you have to buy a shit-ton of the same product to see the savings… what’s the point?

I’ll admit that the concept of saving money on groceries did intrigue me, but as soon as I started to look into what went in to “extreme couponing” I immediately decided it wasn’t for me. The basic idea behind it is that you can get, for example, $600 worth of groceries for $50 bucks. It sounds good when you think of it like that, but when you realize that you’re basically a hoarder it becomes stupid, plus you end up buying shit you normally wouldn’t buy or need. I’ve seen examples where in order to save like $5 on something completely unrelated, the person had to buy like 30 things of tampons… I understand that it’s a necessity for a woman, but come on… 30 packages of tampons to save $5 on something else seems a little excessive even if you had coupons that gave you the tampons for next to nothing. And that’s not a unique situation when it comes to this, it seems like almost every time one of these “couponers” gets a good deal it’s because they bought 50 of one product just to save a few bucks on another… what’s the point? Are you really going to stock 50 tubes of toothpaste in your house? Why?

I don’t know, this stuff just doesn’t make sense to me and the biggest “issue” I see with this is that 99% of the time these people are saving money on processed crap. Now don’t get me wrong, being a 20-something guy I eat a lot of processed crap, but I don’t care how much money you saved by buying 30 boxes of tampons, you still don’t have any fruits or vegetables in your shopping cart. So congratulations on buying $600 worth of junk food to feed your kids. Oh, but you only spent $50 on it? Wait until the dentist bills come when they don’t have any teeth left.

I do see that some of these people give away a lot of their leftover tampons to homeless shelters and things of that nature, but I have to imagine that not all of them are doing that and instead all they are doing is screwing the next woman who desperately needs tampons yet can’t buy them because you cleaned out the store in order to save $5 on a box of Crunch Berries (which are delicious by the way). And we wonder why American’s are out of shape, lazy and obese… I have no problem with the use of coupons, who wouldn’t want to save some money, but when you get to the point where you call yourself “extreme” that’s when you need to just put the scissors down and go for a run…

extreme couponing aka hoarding
Seriously? That's like 100 boxes of instant potatoes and 50 boxes of tea
extreme couponing salad dressing edition
I always keep a 20 year supply of salad dressing on hand just in case.