Drex in the Morning Fired from 103.5 in Chicago

drex in the morning chicago fired

Thank the lord, the Drex in the Morning show is no more! I don’t know who listened to this garbage in Chicago for so many years, but I for one am not upset that they are gone. Sure, I didn’t have to listen to them in the morning, but I can’t really stand the new B96 DJ’s in the morning and as much as I enjoy Sherman and Tingle on Q101, it’s not 1995 anymore so when they dump into Pearl Jam and Nirvana I have to change the station.

Drex just doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time and it was extremely annoying. I read another article that said his voice was annoying and that was the reason this particular person couldn’t stand him, but voice aside he tried to sound intelligent about things he clearly knew nothing about… but whatever, he’s gone now and I drove into work this morning actually listening to music on 103.5 cause anything is better than the mindless drivel from these clowns. (corrected this line because it was unclear as to what I meant apparently)

I have no idea why they were fired, but if that information gets released I’ll be sure to post it up here, but I do have a question to my fellow Chicago residents… did you actually like and listen to Drex? Is anyone really sad about this decision? Maybe 103.5 is changing formats and will go back to a rock station! (wishful thinking)

source: Chicago Tribune

And for those interested in who is coming to replace Drex, it appears that a DJ from Charlotte named Brotha Fred (real name Christopher Frederick) is leaving his current gig in Charlotte to join comedian David L and Angi Taylor as the new morning show hosts. It sounds like the show will still broadcast in Charlotte, but will be stationed in Chicago and will go live on the air on January 17, 2011. So it appears that while Drex got fired and Mel T supposedly quit in support of him (I have no evidence of this, just rumors), Angi Taylor apparently stuck around… check out the link below for more regarding this… Still no word on exactly why Drex was fired though.

source: Charlotte Observer

Update 1/20/11: So now that the new morning show has been on for a few days what do you guys think? It’s obvious from this post that I was not a fan of Drex, but honestly I’m really not a fan of this new show either. Angi Taylor is the only remaining member of the show, as mentioned above, and she seems more annoying than ever now that she has more of a voice. And the two new guys are pretty annoying and not funny. I like that they actually play some music in the morning, but I still can’t stand to listen to any of them talk… about anything. I know a lot of you were fans of Drex and are probably going to be bias towards these new guys because you’re loyal to him, but try to be honest… what’s your take on this new show?