Thank the lord, the Drex in the Morning show is no more! I don’t know who listened to this garbage in Chicago for so many years, but I for one am not upset that they are gone. Sure, I didn’t have to listen to them in the morning, but I can’t really stand the new B96 DJ’s in the morning and as much as I enjoy Sherman and Tingle on Q101, it’s not 1995 anymore so when they dump into Pearl Jam and Nirvana I have to change the station.

Drex just doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time and it was extremely annoying. I read another article that said his voice was annoying and that was the reason this particular person couldn’t stand him, but voice aside he tried to sound intelligent about things he clearly knew nothing about… but whatever, he’s gone now and I drove into work this morning actually listening to music on 103.5 cause anything is better than the mindless drivel from these clowns. (corrected this line because it was unclear as to what I meant apparently)

I have no idea why they were fired, but if that information gets released I’ll be sure to post it up here, but I do have a question to my fellow Chicago residents… did you actually like and listen to Drex? Is anyone really sad about this decision? Maybe 103.5 is changing formats and will go back to a rock station! (wishful thinking)

source: Chicago Tribune

And for those interested in who is coming to replace Drex, it appears that a DJ from Charlotte named Brotha Fred (real name Christopher Frederick) is leaving his current gig in Charlotte to join comedian David L and Angi Taylor as the new morning show hosts. It sounds like the show will still broadcast in Charlotte, but will be stationed in Chicago and will go live on the air on January 17, 2011. So it appears that while Drex got fired and Mel T supposedly quit in support of him (I have no evidence of this, just rumors), Angi Taylor apparently stuck around… check out the link below for more regarding this… Still no word on exactly why Drex was fired though.

source: Charlotte Observer

Update 1/20/11: So now that the new morning show has been on for a few days what do you guys think? It’s obvious from this post that I was not a fan of Drex, but honestly I’m really not a fan of this new show either. Angi Taylor is the only remaining member of the show, as mentioned above, and she seems more annoying than ever now that she has more of a voice. And the two new guys are pretty annoying and not funny. I like that they actually play some music in the morning, but I still can’t stand to listen to any of them talk… about anything. I know a lot of you were fans of Drex and are probably going to be bias towards these new guys because you’re loyal to him, but try to be honest… what’s your take on this new show?

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  • Christy

    Glad he was fired!!! His voice was awful!!!

  • Uriel

    Well aren’t you a dick. Thousands of people listened to his show. Many people loved him.

    • Heidi

      This show was real in every sense of the word. If you listened you could have really learned something from them. The humor and dedication will be missed. I will NEVER list to a clear channel station again…what a bunch of idots to fire someone who made them so popular!

      • jimboo


      • anonymous

        I disagree with all the haters out there, my dad and I loved hearing drex in the morning with the funny jokes and topics, whoever thought he would be fired because of that is plain dumb and ignorant. Even my dad realized that he was missing, and we both miss him very much. Haters keep hating, but drex was one of those people that like to have fun and not be like those dumb DJ’s always talking about dumb fake gossip

        • Julie

          I could NOT agree more with you.

    • Prophet

      You sound like that irritating mel t, always calling someone a dick for not agreeing with her. I liste3ned to the show regularly and i have to admitt i would always get upset that drex,mel and angie would always look in every crack and crevis to blame the nearest man for the womans own bad decisions.This show catered to women big time because that was their biggest. Women could do know wrong and that bothered the hell out of me. Aside from not holding women accountable, i enjoyed the rest.

      • Me

        It amazes me how much shit you talk about the show. It’s as easy as not listening to that station. But yet, you are sitting here talking all sorts of shit about Drex, Mel T and Angi. Change the fuken station and listen to something else. Stop being such a little whinner and move on. I love DREX and MEL T no matter what you or any other HATER thinks…

    • toni

      My 3 sister and i all listened to drex and his crew he always had us laughing now a true radio icon will be missed

  • alice

    Yeah, because top 40 music isn’t “mindless drivel” right?
    I’d rather have someone like Drex talking to listeners about various topics for a few hours than listen to the music they play on loop the rest of the day anyways.

    • AC Slater

      Pretty much all popular music today is terrible, I’ll agree with you there, but I’d rather listen to the music than listen to some of these morning shows…

  • Nicole

    DREX WILL BE MISSED! Him and Mel T were the only reason I listened to that show. No more…I am boycotting 103.5 for sure and so is almost everyone I know….lets see what happens to the rating now! Now that they are gone, there are no good hosts to listen too!

    • Casey

      Most people hated Drex. Boycotting 103.5 isn’t going to do anything. What are you, 12? Radio stations aren’t meant for the hosts. They’re meant for the music. Boycotting a station just means you’re not supporting the music. Nobody liked Drex. He was asinine. I pray to god they never give that tool a radio show again. I stopped listening to Drex a year ago because he was so obnoxious and pretentious. They lost listeners because of the garbage that guy spewed on a day to day basis. It was the same stuff over and over. It got old fast. Stop acting like you’re 12 and listen to the station if you like the music. Boycotting obviously didn’t bring Drex back. If you’re gonna boycott something, make it a worthy cause. Tool.

    • Casey

      Also, since September 2010, Kiss has been 14th in the ratings. b96 is 11th, US99.5 is 6th and THREE of the top five are news stations on AM. That just goes to show ya that not that many people REALLY like Drex at all.

  • molly

    seriously drex is my favorite host i listened to him every day and laughed and it was hillariuos you people have no right to diss drex like that. if you are saying crap about him then apparently you have no lifes and no sense of humor and if you do have a sense of humor it is very very VERY weak. r.i.s drex

    • Maggie

      If you are getting personally offended by what this person thinks, then you have no life. Also, the plural of life is lives, but even that doesn’t matter because only one person wrote this article and, unless they are a cat, they only have one life.

      • AC Slater

        I never said I wasn’t a cat…

        • Maggie


  • Sarah

    Yes! They were so annoying. Same mindless topics every morning!!!! No more whining annoying voices!!!!

    • maria

      well you sound a little whinny also 🙂 those who did not like him had the choice to change the station, myself I loved the morning show it lasted till 10 am. people here are making it sound like he was on all day.. he had the show going and now its all music… at 7, 8 , 9 am I really am not into the music that I also can hear at 12, 1,4, 6 pm….so the talking in the morning I will truly miss………..Good luck Drex

  • Mandy

    If they were so awful and nobody liked them; how were they on the air so long?! I think it’s the perfect example of how pathetic America is becoming!!!! What didn’t you like about them…..that they were funny?honest?open-minded? They were NOT PC like everyone else and the top 40 shit……LAME! There’s no real music anymore anyways so who wants to listen to the top 40?!! It ‘s just crap anyways like Kesha, Kanye West, every last stupid pop song they can find! All I know is I would have much rather continued listening to DREX any day over any other talk show or pathetic music choice! Guess it’s back to my CDs!!!!

    • AC Slater

      So not liking them shows that I’m part of “pathetic America”? So liking things like the wheel of trash, calling everyone bitches and all their other stupid bits is what America should be? ha, that’s a good one. I didn’t like them because for one he’s just annoying as a person. Aside from that, every time I listened to him try to talk about a serious topic, or any topic really, he had no clue what he was talking about. He’d pretend he did, but he’d just come off sounding dumb and when Angi would try to correct him he’d just blow her off cause he couldn’t accept that he was wrong. Maybe I just caught him on off days or something, but like you said he’d been on the air for 7 or so years you would have thought I would have caught at least one intelligent conversation in that time, but I honestly can’t remember one. And as for the top 40 music reference, I was inferring that yes top 40 music is terrible these days, but I’d rather listen to that than Drex…

  • Mr. Belding

    Thank the Lord Jesus….this “dude” was annoying. Mrs B and I used to want to drive my red Miata off a cliff and have AC fix it!

  • kari

    sometimes we just need “mindless drivel” in the morning to alleviate the stress of the upcoming day. I know i loved to hear them because they helped me forget about the long day I was just beginning. I also liked the salutes to the soldiers every morning. I hope he gets another show because I’m running out of space in my ipod.

  • Kelly k.

    I can’t believe they are both gone!! I thought they were sooo funny and the only reason I listen to kiss FM. They would make my morning a little bit better know I could get a laugh in at 8am! During the commercials I would switch over to b96 and I just couldn’t listen to them for more than a min. Terrible voice Tingle guy has and his other dutch friend. They are the ones that need to hit the can! I will def. Ban kiss FM. BIG MISTAKE!!!

    • AC Slater

      Not sure what radio station you were listening to, but B96 has J and Julian… Sherman and Tingle are on Q101 and neither of them are Dutch.

      • Kelly K.

        Sorry, My mistake…I can’t stand J and Julian and that annoying grl that does the gossip.
        Morning talk for has always been Kiss FM and Q101. Guess it will be CDs and Q101 for a while….

  • Maggie

    I didn’t like them either. They were very pompous and surprisingly closed minded about a lot of things. Someone on here commented that the person who wrote this article must have no sense of humor, which is ridiculous to assume that someone who doesn’t like some high-and-mighty know-it-all DJ has no sense of humor. Not to mention, he really was pretty uneducated on a lot of the topics he tried to discuss.

    • Evie

      I will agree with that. Half the time he had no idea what he was talking about.

  • Evie

    @Kelly K – The annoying girl is Showbiz Shelly. LOL.

    I will DEFINATLY miss Drex and MelT even if half the stuff they said was mindless dribble it made me laugh in the morning, on my hour drive to work. They stupid little things they said and sometimes the ridiculous things they said always made me laugh, and maybe I’m just a mindless person as well because I foundt hem funny, but there are thousands of people around Chicago who loved their show. They had no boundries and would talk about anything with anyone. I drove to work this morning listening to J and Julian talking about naked pictures. They just can’t keep up the same conversation as MelT and DreX could.. They will be missed.

  • jennifer

    I will definatly miss drex and mel t.they were very funny and made my mornings!they talked about whatever but they still had people laughing on there ways to work.does anyone know were drex and mel will be going to.

  • Laura

    I am saddened by the loss of Drex and Mel T. I am 51 years old and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the 3 (Drex, Mel T, and Angie Taylor) banter back and forth and discuss issues that affect younger people’s lives.I often disagreed with them, but enjoyed their sense of humor and camaraderie. Being a mother of 3, I felt that i could better understand my older boys who are 22 and 19 years old. I would love to find out where he and Mel are going so I can follow them!!! I am surprised that Angie Taylor has stuck around…shows you who your friends really are. Kudos to Mel T for supporting Drex.

  • sam

    He was the only reason why I listened to that station. He kept me awake on my way to work and school. I wasn’t a morning person until I discovered him. Then I moved away from chicago, so I downloaded the iheartradio app to stay close to my chicago roots. I was sooooo upset that I wasn’t able to find his station today. I hate 103.5 now and im boycotting their station until they bring him back. Screw you 103.5!

  • Angela Layton

    I loved them! When they went of the air in the morning so did my raido. They will be sadly missed!!!


  • haha

    Wow I have been waiting for this day for years!!! Used to listen to this idiot and his mindless crew for the first year and realized what a waste of time. Now I can flip 103.5 back on without worrying about this Stupid guy getting my rating credit! THANK YOU!!!

  • Monst

    I thought they were great. They made my hour drive to work go by faster and helped me wake up. It might have been trashy radio, but it was usually funny and didn’t involve too much hard thinking, which is what I needed in the morning. Yeah Drex’s voice might have been a bit annoying at times, but I think he had a good heart and meant well. Mel T’s laugh cracked me up and I thought Angie was a great addition. I will miss them!!! I have been searching for another talk radio station that doesn’t play music for most of the morning. Any suggestions?

  • Bina

    I can’t believe they are gone,I really enjoyed the Drex morning show, B96 dj’s suck & the new KISS FM dj’s suck! I’ll be listening to the only radio station left that has a decent morning show, Eric & Kathy. Peace out Kiss FM!

  • kyle

    That sucks he is gone all morning shows suck but at least i would get a laugh from drex he needs to get his own xm station and take his crew

    • Prophet

      Damn! I am missing drex and angie soo bad. You can keep that annoying ass Mel T With her annoying stories about her family growing up and her nieces(who cares) I believe Drex was fired for the segment “Ask A Bitch”I think certain womens groups demanded his removeal.

  • brian salio

    Go listen to the Mix ya ass hat!

    • Prophet

      “Ask A Bitch” got Drex fired

  • Chris

    I realize the show’s content is his responsibility, but wasn’t “Ask A Bitch” something Mel and Angi created when Drex was away or sick? I thought Drex kept it going because it was popular…but it was the ladies who initiated it in the first place. I admit I liked some of the humor and discussions. I liked it even more when they explored semi-political discussions and other serious topics, but they got away from that a little over the past year. I am trying to keep an open mind, but the first couple days of Brotha Fred have left me unimpressed. They talk a little and play the same 6 pop songs Kiss FM always plays. My hour and a half commute already seems longer because I find myself switching channels since Drex went off air.

  • Preston

    They not only fired Drex, they changed the format of the show to be more like the B96 show.

    My guess is that given the business model (Sell Advertising) they had to try to compete directly with B96 for the same pool of advertisers looking to hit that demographic. As another poster pointed out, 103.5 had slipped in the ratings behind B96. So regardless of whether or not Drex did something “bad”, he had to go.

    I won’t miss him at all. Listening to his show would give an outsider the impression that Chicagoans are all social deviants in one way or another. Fortunately the nature of the topics on that show turned away enough listeners to counter that impression.

    The new show isn’t great, but if I’m skimming for music I can hit 103.5 again.

  • pablito

    I will miss drex and the gang. Granted, they were not always “on” particularly when drex was ill or when they couldn’t take phone calls, but I found them entertaining 90% of the time. The new cast is weak. My best to drex in the future.

  • Agnes

    I wasnt always the biggest fan of drex, but it was entertaining. It made me laugh. However, dont get me wrong. I dislike the new peeps even more. The topics suck and so do their jokes. Not sure what to listen to now in the morning…Q101 suckx as well. Can we get some decent show in Chicago please?!

  • diane

    its really not a show anymore…just a few jokes/tidbits between songs. i miss you drex

  • diane

    ask a bitch was terible

  • Dawn

    Drex and everyone were great and Oh so funny. I sooo miss them making me laugh and keeping me current in a silly way. Who wants to be so serious in the morning…the new people are boring! I am trying to find another station now. It’s so disapointing! Drex come back!! We need you to liven up the Chi again! You will be missed and Angi too!

    • Dawn

      I mean Mel T. too.(Not Angie).

  • Bramel9

    Calm down, man. We get it. You don’t like the guy. I am a radio producer, and 99% of the time when these things happen, it is due to ratings or contract issues. It was a great format (topical), but it just didn’t work out in this #3 market.

  • Diane

    i miss him…i miss him terribly-i just downloaded over 1000 podcasts to listen to when i get bored. he makes time fly…. thats what i need.

    the new show is ok- i listen sometimes. angi is very funny the olny person out of the old/new cast i didnt care for was mel. she was a bore.

  • Diane136

    the show bombed when drex was sick or whatever and the girls took over the show -it was sooooooo baaaaaaad when he was gone.

  • sandra

    When Drex left San Antonio, radio was just not the same. I used to listen to him on the internet when he went to Chicago. He made me laugh out loud!!

  • Dj Remixx

    Like really Dex somtimes would talk shit and mad people think but somtimes he dident and just made people wounder

  • Redeyeslikk79

    I’m so glad he’s gone, he contradicted himself all the time, and had no value in him, Jay, And Julian in the morning on 96.3 are at least 10 times better for 18 to 34 targeted market, but Mancow Bullet by Far was the Best, Really miss him.

  • Cougarmom5

    Well I have not listened to that station sinice and will never the the new guys SUCK!!!!

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  • Karen Wedemire

    This is idiot is now in Vancouver Canada the show is called the shift with Dex what a total clown