Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket – Affiliate Marketing

After all the research and reading I’ve done at many of such automotive marketing services regarding affiliate marketing and making money on the internet, I recommend you look at these tips for TikTokers if you want to start in the tiktok world, one thing that I’ve always read is that you should never put all of your eggs in one basket, meaning that you should not rely on one site or one affiliate program for all of your income. I always knew that this was good advice, but I never knew how good it was until a couple weeks ago. You may also want to check out this funnel hub marketing here to see how can it help you create a powerful marketing!

When I first got into affiliate marketing, I really had no idea what sort of site I wanted to start or how I would get people to that site, I just knew I wanted to make money on the internet, if you need help from actual experts on the subject, you will want to check the best SEO companies in Worcester, MA. Eventually, I figured out an idea, presale passwords for concerts and events. I knew that I was always searching the internet for passwords for different concerts that my friends and I wanted to go to, so why not make 1 site that aggregates all the passwords for people. After I came up with the idea, I had wondered if I could even get into a Ticketmaster affiliate program. If there was no money to be made, there was no point, as that’s what I wanted to do.

I eventually figured out that there was a Ticketmaster Affiliate program and I applied and got accepted, cool I was on my way. I setup the first version of the site using a terrible domain, but was determined to bring people to it. After just a week of posting passwords I started to see some return on my investment. The site was starting to get picked up by search engines and people were finding their way over because it deployed some SEO techniques with the help SEO Sydney. I then combined the search engines efforts with a few other techniques I had picked up on forums. Everything from posting on said forums about the site, to searching out blogs and personal sites that had similar topics and posting comments with links back to my site. I never tried to sound like I was advertising, but more of a “hey, you’re looking for that password too? I found it over at xxxxxx”. I then started doing the same thing on Yahoo Answers only slightly different. I found that if I posted the actual password as the answer instead of just “You can find the password over at xxxxx”, I would get a lot more people visiting via the “source link” that yahoo allows you to post. And that worked for a while until my account got banned from Answers.

So after things started to pick up, I introduced Stub Hub links into the mix and while they did alright, they weren’t doing nowhere near as well as Ticketmaster links were, which kind of sucked because Stub Hub’s commissions are a lot higher than Ticketmaster’s 1%. And I know what you’re thinking, 1% is nothing, but if you can bring lots of people there, they are most likely looking for a password because they are going to buy tickets, so the click to action ratio was pretty high mentioned on the homepage of this site.

Eventually, I started to get busy with other stuff and it was hard to keep up with posting passwords every morning so I started only posting what I thought were popular shows that people would want to buy. So, for example, I stopped posting Disney on Ice stuff and circus stuff and mainly focused on big name artists like Kanye West, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. I felt I would make more for my time by focusing on those popular acts, and I was right. Even with a very small site like mine, I was making $100+ a day in the spring when the summer tours would go on sale. But notice how I said “the spring”. Obviously the summer is when all the big artists go on tour so late winter/early spring are when all their shows go on sale, so that’s where the most money was. Once you got into August, ticket sales started to drop off and the further into winter you got, the less and less good shows there were. So I could go from making $100+ a day to $1 a day depending on the season. And actually it depends on the week and what shows are going on sale. Even though it’s spring and tours are going on sale, there’s not a huge presale every single day, so the money wasn’t consistent. Nothing I would quit my day job over.

So things went well for a while, but like I said, I eventually became bored with it and didn’t enjoy updating the passwords every morning as the money started to drop off. My updates became few and far between and I started to lose subscribers and people that visited. But then earlier this year I got the itch and started posting again. The first day I posted I made $250, it was a nice welcome back that wouldn’t last long. There happened to be a big tour that week so I reaped the benefits, but soon after the profits dwindled again and I was left bored and eventually just stopped updating all together. I would still do an occasional update if I thought about it, but it was just a half-ass attempt to pull in a few extra bucks. And then, today, I got an email that would confirm my subconscious decision to stop updating…

As of June 1, 2010 Ticketmaster has officially stopped supporting sites that post presale passwords. So essentially they turned my account into a non-commission account and I would no longer make money on any referrals I sent to Ticketmaster to buy tickets. Now I knew this wasn’t going to last forever and there were new sites popping up every day that offered presale passwords, and frankly mine was pretty shitty compared to some of them, so I wasn’t too upset when I got the email, but that’s only because the presale site was not my only money making site. Sure, it was probably my biggest money maker, but I don’t do this for a living, I still have a regular 9 to 5 job that pays the bills, so this was just extra spending cash that paid for our private server and vacations and stuff. To generate more income, investing in gold might be a good option as long as you seek the help of a trustworthy gold IRA company.

But that leads me to this post, if you’re getting into affiliate marketing and the like, make sure you branch out, visit the right marketing company and don’t focus on one particular aspect of it. If I would have focused everything into the presale password site I would have been totally screwed, but since I have other ways of making money on the internet, it’s not so bad. So really, that’s the best advice I’ve ever read when it comes to this stuff, so if you’re thinking about getting into it, take note, it can all be gone in an instant if you don’t diversify you’re income.

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