Chicago Rats

So my brother lives down in Wrigleyville in Chicago, about a block from Wrigley Field and this is what he woke up to the other day. That’s one big ass rat!

It started a couple weeks ago, my brother was at work during the day and came how to find a bunch of stuff had been knocked off of one of his shelves. Things like a bottle of windex, paper towels, some other cleaners, etc, not really small things, so he assumed they had a rat. He went out and got traps and apparently the only traps he could find were mouse traps, which clearly weren’t big enough for the rat, but he set them out anyways. So with peanut butter baiting the traps he went to bed. The next morning there was nothing in the trap so he went to work hoping that the rat would get hungry during the day.

He got home that night and there was nothing in the trap so he left them there. Later that night he was in the kitchen doing something when he saw the rat scurry across the floor and into some hole in the wall. So now they knew where the rats were coming in and out (they think there was more than one). So they moved the traps near the hole and re-baited them with some leftover hoagie meat instead of peanut butter hoping the smell of meat would lure the rat out of it’s hiding place.

Once the trap is set they (my brother and his roommate) go into the living room, turn off all the lights and sit quietly waiting for the trap to go off… And sure enough he came back out and tripped the trap. So at this point my brother requested a video chat with me through iChat so I could see the size of the rat. The video pops up and it’s my brother carrying his laptop into the kitchen, he has a golf club and his roommate has a golf club. Apparently the wireless doesn’t work so well in the kitchen so I started losing them, but I could hear the yelling when the rat sprung back to life and ran back in the hole. It was pretty funny.

So the rat got away and the reset the trap. And sure enough the next day they woke up and the rat was laying next to the trap. They didn’t want to just run up to it since the last time the rat jumped up and ran away, so they made some noise, poked it with the golf clubs, and it was really dead this time. So I made sure that he took a picture of it and sent it to me. And that’s the picture at the top.

Look at the size of that fucking thing? How the trap killed it I have no idea, my brother said it wasn’t even in the trap when they found it so maybe it got scared to death, who knows. But they are sure there are more of them in the apartment, so if they catch anymore I’ll make sure he has pictures.