Bike Riders

When I was growing up we could ride bikes anywhere, we were actually encouraged to stay off the street and ride our bikes on the sidewalks. These days apparently it’s illegal or at least frowned upon to ride your bike anywhere other than the middle of the god damn road. Every morning on my way to work there is a gaggle of these idiots riding down the middle of the main roads wearing their skin tight spandex and retard helmets with total disregard for the 3,000 lb car barrelling towards them. Did I miss something? Do bicycles not have to obey the laws of the road even though they are taking up an entire damn lane, sometimes two? I would assume if you were on a bicycle and you came up to a 4-way stop, you should stop. Apparently I’m wrong because these assholes just blow right through as if they own the road. If I were to hit one of them would I be at fault? They are the ones that disobeyed the law aren’t they? I really don’t know the laws/rules for bicycles on the road, but I just assumed that anything that uses the actual road as it’s path of travel should be bound by the laws that come with them.

Now don’t think that I hate all bikers, cause I don’t. Those of you that do obey the street signs or bike on trails are fine by me. It’s just these morons that think because they wear a skin tight leotard and a helmet that they are professional cyclists. And what’s with the reflectors? I understand (and appreciate) the flashing light on the front and back of your bike, and maybe a reflector on your helmet or something but that’s all you need, according to this recommended website. On my way home from softball last night there was a guy who was literally wearing a suit full of reflectors. It’s like he went to the bike store and bought up all of the reflective tape and put a strip down every extremity. I guess it served it’s purpose because it caught my attention, but that’s because I was fucking blinded by the light reflecting off of this guy. Not to mention he also had at least 2 flashing headlights in the front. Yeah, I see you, thats fine, why the fuck are you in the middle of the god damn road.

And why do you guys always travel in packs of like 20+? It’s not like you’re having a conversation while weaving through cars and blowing stop signs, so what’s the point? Are you guys like a bicycle gang? Is that why you ride in the middle of the road, to strike fear into oncoming motorists? I don’t see a bicycle gang as being very intimdating, especially when a perfectly timed car door opening could take out everyone in your pack. Or maybe you do it just for the excercise. Ok, ok, fair enough, nothing wrong with a little exercise, but why the fuck do you need to wear that fancy get-up, travel in groups of 20+ and ride in the middle of busy streets? Couldn’t you just buy an exercise bike and sit in the comfort of your own home and ride? And don’t tell me you do it for the scenery, you take the same damn path every morning and there’s nothing to see! And one last thing, what is the point of that little mirror hanging off of your helmet, it obviously isn’t to see behind you since you never move over when I’m riding your ass since you’re going 2 mph down the middle of the road!! Oh my god I hate “cyclists”.