A Little Bit of Random

So I got a letter from Comcast yesterday stating that my bill was overdue even though I sent payment on the 26th since the original bill said it was due on October 2nd… interesting. So I called them up last night and spoke to an overseas call center, as expected, but was surprised at how helpful he was. I thought for sure I would have a hard time figuring this out or wouldn’t be able to understand him, but everything went well. Apparently there is an issue with the first bill from Comcast where it gives you more time to pay it than your actual billing cycle is, only because it’s the first bill. So my normal billing cycle ends on the 26th of every month, but because it was the first month they gave me until October 2nd, but apparently nobody told their billing system. So my payment for the first month is fine, and from now on my bills are due on the 24th of every month and I won’t be charged a late-fee for the first month, but we’ll see what happens, this guy could have just been blowing smoke up my ass.

Other than that and the Cubs losing, yesterday was alright. I had 2 softball games in 2 different towns, but luckily the first game went really fast so when I had to leave early the game was basically over already. The 2nd game was probably the best that team has played all season, we still lost but at least it was only by 1 run this time. And tonight I have more softball, double header, and as usual I’m short girls again. I’m making this my official statement of resignation from Thursday softball. If anyone else wants to run the team, be my guest, I’ll play, but I am done running a team where girls commit to playing and then consistantly back out leaving me fucked, it’s not worth it to me considering I play on enough other teams. I apologize for those of you that like playing and don’t play on any other teams, but I can’t do it anymore.

Oh and to top of last night, my smoke alarm decided the battery wanted to die at about 4am and beep every 30 seconds.

And now for a poptart! GO CUBS!