I would say that all in all it was a pretty good speech. I find it funny that even when on national TV you can see the deep divide between the 2 parties. Why is it that we can’t seem to get a legitimate 3rd party involved? As the President touched on we clearly have a bunch of congressmen who care about nothing more then making sure they can get re-elected. I was actually really surprised to have the President mention things that I have been saying for a while now. Reform campaign, don’t allow these lobbyist, special interest groups and multinational companies to contribute so much. Our election process is almost a who can spend more money to slam who. Oh well it’s no wonder so many people don’t vote and just don’t care

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  • AC Slater

    I’ve said it a million times, I’m not into all the politics stuff, so thanks “Zack Morris” for this post. And even though I don’t know, or pay attention, to all of the stuff that’s going on, what I got out of Obama’s speech last night is that people expected instant change from him and are pissed because a year later he hasn’t come through on all of his promises, yet things are starting to look better than they were a year ago.

    Sure he campaigned that he would fix all these problems that the Bush administration left for him, but no sane person can expect 1 person to fix 8 years of problems in 1 year… come on people, be reasonable, I don’t recall him ever saying he would fix everything in his first year, did he?

    I see all these comments on cnn.com talking about how Obama keeps putting the blame on the Bush administration and how he shouldn’t be, and he’s all talk and what not, but explain to me how the Bush administration didn’t put him in this situation? Bush got us involved in 2 wars, billions in debt and left us on the verge of financial collapse, then left office… or am I wrong? (I most certainly could be, so correct me if I am). But I still find it ridiculous that these people won’t even give him a chance to make progress before blasting him for every little decision. It’s been 1 year… if we were going into his 4th year as President and things were still this shitty then there might be room to talk, but 1 year trying to fix 8 years of problems is pretty unreasonable. Give the guy a break, things are slowly starting to get better.

    A little off topic, but seriously who wears a bright red suit and a bright yellow suit to the State of the Union, then sits next to each other…They looked like Ketchup and Mustard containers…