Stalin’s Plan For A Monkey Army

This is an extremely old article but as I was listening to another SModcast, Kevin Smith mentioned this and I found it interesting. Apparently in the 1920’s Josef Stalin had his scientists try to cross breed a human and an ape in order to create an “invincible” army of man-apes. He was also going to use them to work on the railway. They were to be twice as strong as humans but half the brain power. As cool as this sounds, the fact that they have half the brain power could just lead to an uprising of super monkey men that can’t follow orders but can overpower humans with ease. For some reason I don’t think that railway is getting built, they will probably just use railroad ties to absolutely destroy Stalin and his crew. Imagine working as the slave driver on that railway, you whip one Apien (that’s homo sapien + ape) and that mother fucker just turns around and rapes you, literally rapes you. You would never go back to work and those Apiens would just run away, probably killing (or raping) your entire staff, then Stalin would probably kill you for letting his Apien army get away. No good would have ever come of this Apien army, but apparently Stalin didn’t realize that. But how about something like a Shark and an Ostrich mix army. Long necks with a shark head, just peering around corners ready to eat anything that comes near it. And when it’s threatened it just jumps in the water and swims away. Now that would be bad ass. Where were you on that one Dr. Moreau?

source: The Sun