President Obama Not A US Citizen?

I’m all about conspiracy theories that are floating around, stuff like JFK’s assassination, the moon landing, Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, Elvis being alive, 9/11 being an inside job, etc. However, when I say that I’m “all about” them, I don’t necessarily mean that I believe all the crack pot theories floating around, but I do enjoy the idea that there could be something a lot more sinister or mysterious behind important events that have occurred in the past. I have no problem with most people when it comes to spouting off their theories regarding this type of thing, one of my good friends brother actually runs a website and has a group dedicated to stuff similar to this. And while sometimes I think these people are crazy, I do enjoy listening to all the theories people come up with and the supposed “facts” to back them up and even when the real facts come out, they still believe that what they are saying is true.

Recently we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the day that man walked on the moon on July 20th, 1969 and of course there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe that we ever made it there. They believe that it was all staged and filmed on a set somewhere as a ploy to convince the world that the US was the first to make the amazing journey. People have claimed that things like the flag waving when it was first planted, footprints on the moon’s surface, shadows not lining up, and all sorts of other things that you can see in the NASA videos are just elaborate fakes created by the government, and I wanted to believe this stuff for a while. How interesting would it be if it actually came to light that we never landed on the moon and it was all just a big hoax? I think that would be more interesting than the actual landing on the moon itself. The fact that our government was able to keep this secret for so long and had the entire world fooled, personally I think that would be amazing. And that’s just it, do you know how many people would have to have stayed quiet for 40 years? And not that they are the end-all in reliable testing, but the Myth Busters did an entire episode dedicated to all things moon and determined that everything that conspiracy theorists claimed were faked, are actually how things would react on the surface of the moon; the footprints, the waving flag and even the shadows. And even recently there were pictures taken of the surface showing the equipment left behind by astronauts during those missions.

So while I don’t believe that the missions to the moon were faked, I still enjoy reading about stuff like this and continuing to question the facts, like how come we haven’t been back to the moon since 1972? And why is Elvis’ middle name spelled wrong on his headstone? And this kind of leads me into the title topic regarding our current President, Obama.

I saw a video yesterday of some town hall meeting with some congressmen (or something along those lines) where a woman in the audience stood up to ask a question and proceeded to hold up her birth certificate showing everyone that she was born in the United States. She went on to describe everything about the document in detail, the fact that her mother and fathers name’s were on it, the hospital, the delivery doctor, and the official seal making it, well, official. Then she claims that the government is trying to hide the fact that the birth certificate released back in November or October for President Obama is a fake and that he wasn’t really born in Hawaii, but in his father’s home country of Kenya. Obviously you must be have been born in the United States in order to be eligible to become President of the United States, which is why people are making such a big deal about this.

The birth certificate that was released late last year was a photocopy of the original which immediately sparked some backlash. It lists Barack Hussein Obama as being born in Hawaii, but the official seal is apparently absent from the photocopy. However there are multiple newspaper clippings from Hawaii in 1961 announcing the birth of Barack. It’s not like he was “the chosen one” as soon as he was born, and the government immediately stepped in and started faking documents in anticipation that he’d be President some 48 years later, come on people. And as for the official seal, on my birth certificate the seal is not an ink stamp it’s an embossed seal, which doesn’t really photocopy too well. And besides that point, at that time the official seals were placed on the back of the documents anyways, so it wouldn’t show up on a photocopy of the front anyways.

After doing a little more reading on the subject, it seems that people are also confused by the fact that other birth certificates from Hawaii for that same year (1961) look a lot different than the one presented as being President Obama’s. There’s a pretty simple explanation for that, if you request a copy of your birth certificate from 1961, today, it’s going to look a lot different than the one’s they issued in 1961. The documents changed overtime and there are short and long forms of a birth certificate. Now that being said, obviously the government could probably easily produce the absolute original and dispel these rumors once and for all, but that’s their decision to make, which is what is leading these characters deeper into these theories.

These sort of people need to get a life, seriously. They are making a huge deal out of something despite having the facts laid right in front of them. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came out yesterday to reluctantly dispel these rumors yet again. Do you really think Obama (or our overall Government) would have risked such a huge thing coming out when he first announced his candidacy? These “birthers” as they’ve been dubbed need to get on with their lives and let the man do his job. Just because you may not like the way he’s doing things or you’re a hardcore republican that feels the need to bash him just because your candidate didn’t win the election, this is seriously a stupid way to show your unhappiness and you’re just making yourselves look like idiots. Not to mention that the last President is part of the reason why Obama is in this mess in the first place and despite what some people thought going into the election, he’s just a man, he can’t just snap his fingers and bring the country out of this funk we’re in, but at least the man is trying.

Ok, now I’m starting to go a little more into the political side which I really wanted to avoid because frankly I’m probably the last person that should be talking about politics as I don’t really pay attention to them and honestly it’s not a top priority of mine to know what’s going on with the government at all times. And I think I’ve written about this before and took a little heat from it. It’s not that I don’t understand the basics of government and I don’t appreciate the rights I have in this country, it’s just not my cup of tea. Honestly I’m not even registered to vote and it doesn’t bother me in the least bit. In my mind if I don’t know about the candidates and don’t have a desire to learn the facts and make a decision, I shouldn’t be voting. And I agree with that statement for anyone that’s not willing to learn the facts, not just me. Yeah it’s your right as a US citizen to vote for the President, but don’t vote just because you can, that defeats the whole purpose.

Anyways, the point of this was to shed some light on these ridiculous conspiracy theories that people are coming up with just because they may not like how the President is doing in his first 6 months in office. Yes, the man has only been in office for 6 months. So you can criticize him for things he’s doing or decisions he’s making, but come on, leave these stupid theories about birth certificates, his religion and whatever other crack-pot ideas you may have, at the door.

Oh and as a little added fun, since we’re talking about conspiracy theories today and it’s always fun to get in arguments about them, I made a little list below of some of them and what my (short) thoughts are on them. I’d love to hear some of your ideas.

Conspiracy Theories:

John F. Kennedy Assassination: Probably the most favorite conspiracy of theorists out there, this one has long been discussed in print, TV and movies since the day it happened. Personally I don’t believe that the injuries sustained in the shooting could have come from a single shooter. Not sure if I believe the idea that the government itself was behind it, but definitely think that there were others involved besides Oswald.

Moon Landing: As much as I think it would be really interesting if this whole thing was faked, I whole heartily believe that we have set foot on the moon on multiple occasions.

9/11 World Trade Center: I’ve seen the documentaries online, I’ve listened to my friends brother talk in great lengths about this one and have read tons of articles claiming that 9/11 was an inside job planned within our government. Stuff like the towers were built to withstand explosions and fires of that magnitude, yet they still collapsed due to a possible controlled demolition. Stuff about jet fuel not burning hot enough to melt the steel used to support the structure, as well as claims that buildings next to the main towers collapsed for absolutely no reason (even though they were clearly damaged and on fire). I read all of this stuff because I found it interesting, yet when looking at the facts (and not Michael Moore’s facts) I find it impossible to believe any of these things. I’m not going to write about this stuff here as there are many other sites out there that go into great depth regarding this topic, so hit up google and form your own opinions.

The Holocaust Never Happened: Yes, there are actually people out there that believe this… I don’t even know why I added it to this list because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Elvis Presley Faked His Death: I wrote an article about this a few months ago because some woman came out claiming that he is alive and living under the alias Jesse. There are some weird things surrounding Elvis’ “death”, the main one being the fact that Elvis’ middle name is spelled wrong on his tombstone in Graceland. But then again, search results turn up 2 different birth certificates, one spelled “Aaron” the other spelled “Aron”… and the death certificate says “Aron” so who knows. Personally I believe the man is dead and people just need to let him rest in peace along side 2pac and Biggie (haha terrible comparison, but mystery surrounds all of their deaths).

Roswell UFO Crash/ UFO’s In General: Based on everything I’ve seen and read about the Roswell incident, there is no doubt in my mind that something out of this world crashed there on that day and the government is covering it up. I believe that there are definitely beings of an advanced race somewhere in the universe, and possibly living far beneath the surface of our oceans (as details of Russian UFO reports were just declassified this week state). To think that we are the only intelligent life in the entire realm of the universe just seems asinine. Now whether or not they are visiting us and probing us, I’m not sure, but I definitely believe there are other forms of life out there. Maybe we are the 2nd “Earth” and Mars was actually where life originated millions of years ago and the planet died out forcing humans to migrate to a new planet… who knows. I also believe Jesus and biblical stuff could have been caused by aliens, but again, I wrote a post about that before so you can search for it to read more.

So these are just a few that I could think of off the top of my head, feel free to throw any of your theories out there, I’d love to read them.