President Obama Enjoys A Brew

So apparently there are some people upset with a picture/video of President Obama sipping on a beer while enjoying a basketball game and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. WWL AM870 Talk Radio was taking calls on the topic the other day and while some people could care less, there were other people that were generally offended by the fact that the President was enjoying a beer. One woman called in and said something about people losing 5,10,20 thousand dollars in the stock market everyday yet Obama can relax and enjoy a beer, which she thinks is wrong. Another woman called in and said that the President is President 24 hours a day and she doesn’t think he should be drinking on the job… are these people serious?

I think the other callers that were defending Obama hit it right on the head, he didn’t cause this problem and he’s trying to fix it as best he can. You do realize that President Bush continued reading to an elementary school as our country was being attacked by terrorists right? He sat there and didn’t move a muscle when the planes hit the twin towers. Can you honestly tell me that President Obama would sit around twiddling his thumbs as thousands of innocent people were killed within our borders? I don’t think so. And how often was President Bush out golfing or spending time on his ranch in Texas while more and more troops were dying over in Iraq…?  A beer at a basketball game?!?!?! Are you fucking serious?

While some people won’t agree with the things Obama has done in his first days as President, there’s no denying that he is trying and is taking the economic issues very seriously. Oh, but you feel his economic stimulus plan is going to drive us further into debt? Of course it is, but at least it’s money being spent at home on our own country instead of billions upon billions of dollars being spent on a war we shouldn’t have started in the first place. And yes, I know there are still troops overseas and money is still being spent there, but at least he’s making an effort to pull a majority of the troops out. Sure 50,000 or so troops will be left over there to help train and transfer power, but it’s a start, things aren’t going to happen overnight and I don’t think people realize this.

I am the last person you want to talk politics with because frankly I don’t know much about them. I’m not registered to vote for that very reason. I am very appreciative of the fact that we do have the right to vote in this country, but I choose not to because I don’t feel that I am educated enough on the issues involved and therefore don’t feel that it would be fair for me to vote. Would you rather I not voted or voted for the person that looked the best on TV, or the person that all my friends were voting for? Personally if you were in the same situation I would rather you didn’t vote than go with the “cool” candidate. But getting back to the topic, I obviously don’t know a lot about politics in general, but what I do know is that yes, the economy is bad right now, unemployment is a huge problem, and were still fighting a pointless war in Iraq. So looking at what Obama has done in these first couple months, I can honestly say that he is doing a good job, he’s making an effort.

So back the beer thing….really? One woman said that Everytime Obama talks the stock market goes down… you’re really going to blame the stock market problems on Obama? What about the banks that are throwing these lavish parties and getaways for their employees after receiving federal money? Or what about the auto companies that have been giving bailout money that are buying new private jets? Why don’t you blame those people for trying to take advantage of a system designed to help them rebound. Shit, I wish the government would bailout my company so that the employees here could have gotten their yearly raises, which would probably have cost much less than a private jet. Do you think running the country in times like these is easy? If the man wants to take couple of hours and relax while sipping a beer and watching a basketball game, something he enjoys, then let the man have his time. It’s much better than disappearing to Texas for weeks on end while were fighting a war you basically started.

And to the woman that said that the President is President 24 hours a day and shouldn’t be drinking on the job, ok so don’t drink while you’re at work… he’s not “at” work, he’s at a basketball game… The woman even said that it didn’t matter where he was, he shouldn’t be drinking a beer. Really lady? REALLY?!?! So it doesn’t matter where he’s at? It’s because he’s drinking a beer? So then he shouldn’t be having a glass of wine at any dinners? You can’t honestly tell me that those big fancy dinners they host at the white house for other dignitaries around the world don’t serve wine… if you think that then you are a moron. So with that in mind, what’s the difference between enjoying a glass of wine with dinner (which is at the white house, his place of business) and enjoying a beer at a basketball game (not at the white house). I understand he’s the President of the United States, but come on, to say the man can’t take an hour or two for himself in public is ridiculous. You don’t honestly think he’s working 24/7 constantly do you? The man has to sleep and eat sometime. Would it make you feel better if he went to bed 2 hours later than he normally did due to the fact that he took 2 hours to go see the game? For all you know he could be in bed by 8 PM every night (that he’s not addressing the public) and therefore this basketball game would have been during a time where he’s normally sleeping and NOT working…. unless of course you think the man should never sleep since, of course, he is President 24 hours a day…

Get a life people and focus on what got us into this mess compared to what our current President is, at least, trying to do. And that’s all we can ask of him. The previous administration has dug such a deep hole for him it’s not going to be easy to get out of, but at least he’s down there working on a way to get out instead of finger painting or whatever the fuck Bush was doing while the country was going to shit.

And like I said before, I don’t know anything about politics in general I’m just commenting on what I’ve seen between the previous and current administration as an average citizen. I merely wanted to make the point that a beer is the least of our worries right now and that you can’t expect one person to be able to turn around a nations economy in 2 months whether he takes a couple hours for himself or not.

What do you guys think about Obama enjoying a beer at a basketball game? Is it really that big of a deal? I mean it’s a $4 beer, it’s not like he was drinking Cristal straight out of the bottle…