Oh Illinois Politics

s-SCOTT-LEE-COHEN-largeSo the people of Illinois have spoken and they have decided that their choice to run as the democratic nominee for Lt. Gov will be none other than Pawnbroker Scott Lee Cohen. At first mention I thought ok sounds good, then all the background came pouring out. This man previously dated a prostitute, was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to his ex-wife’s throat, used to take roids (although so did most of baseball), and apparently owes back child support. Now I’m not condemning the guy and actually I have to give him props for having the balls to run with all the baggage but come on Dems how do you allow that to happen? In this day and age where you slander the hell out of your opponents on TV, instead of telling viewers of your own positive qualities, this guys gonna be a huge problem. Or maybe he wont, it recently occurred to me that here in Illinois we are so used to electing people who turn out to be corrupt crooks that maybe we figured we might as well start with a convict and see how that goes.  Oh well only time will tell.