Kid Tries To Steal McCain/Palin Campaign Sign, Gets Shocked

This kid clearly walks up to the McCain/Palin campaign sign with the intention of putting another sign either over it or replacing it. You can’t tell if it’s an Obama sign, but I would assume that is what it was. The owner of the house hooked the McCain sign up to one of those electric dog fences so that anyone that tried to steal it would get a small shock. He even posted yellow signs stating that there was an electric fence, so it’s not like the kid wasn’t warned. Apparently the homeowner has had multiple signs stolen from his yard, which is why he decided to go this route. The owner has since removed the electricity from the signs and then the following day he caught someone on video stealing the signs….

This is ridiculous, and no I’m not talking about the guy that hooked his sign to the electric fence, I’m talking about the people that are going around stealing these signs or replacing them. Everyone has a right to vote for whoever they choose to, respect their opinions and don’t be a prick.