Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Gays In The Military

I normally don’t write about this kind of stuff, political or otherwise, but a post from a “friend” on Facebook this morning had me asking what the big deal is with the whole issue. I am not in the military so this does not affect me personally so I’m sure my views differ from people that are in the military, which my “friend” is, but some of the things he said were just plain ignorant and sound like some of the dumbest possible reasons someone could have for not wanting gay/lesbians serving our country…

Here’s what his post said (it was directed to another friend of mine):

…And hell no, gays shouldn’t be allowed to serve.
The gays have a higher rate of HIV – FACT.
Nobody, especially amongst non-pouge units wants them around. The cramped quarters in garrison and in the field, in vehicles, etc. Third, with their girly gay tone, it just doesn’t portray confidence. Seriously can you imagine a gay saying “let’s charge boys” in that gay tone? How can that instill confidence?
Plus how the hell can you take someone seriously knowing he sucks on cock?
As a 4 Star Marine General said, he’ll get himself or somebody else killed.

Does this not sound terribly ignorant to anyone else? I guess I understand that HIV comment, at first I thought he was just being an idiot in thinking that he was going to get HIV because of the close sleeping quarters and riding in vehicles (since that’s how he made it sound), but after thinking about it, combat can be extremely bloody and there’s definitely a risk of transmission when blood is involved… but my answer to that would be just instate mandatory blood screenings when admitting anyone into the military. Hell, for all I know they may already do this, for everyone not just gays. I feel like the military would want to know if you have some rare fatal disease or something before allowing you in. I know I’m not even allowed to serve/be drafted (if it was ever reinstated) due to the fact that I’m prone to collapsed lungs (it’s happened 5 times). I’m sure they already take blood and run other tests, they have to know what blood type you are and not everyone knows that information. As for the “girly gay tone” that he mentions, that doesn’t portray confidence… what does that have to do with confidence? Not to sound ignorant myself, but some of the, for lack of a better term, “girl gay toned” gays that I know have more confidence than any of my straight friends… Basically what he’s telling me is that you could have a dude built like a house, yet if he has a higher pitched voice that isn’t “manly” enough for you, he shouldn’t be allowed to serve either… And honestly not every single gay person wants to serve in the military, but I’m sure the ones that do want to serve feel that they have the skills and ability to serve just as well as anyone else, so why not give them a fair shot. And as for his statement “how can you take someone seriously knowing he sucks on cock?”, this is probably one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever heard. Just because a person does something in the privacy of their own home with a partner of their choosing doesn’t mean that they are any less fit to serve in the military. Hell, women serve in the military and what do you think most of them are doing behind closed doors? I wonder if I said that I prefer small breasts on a woman as opposed to big breasts that he would not be able to take me seriously because everyone knows that you’re not a macho military guy if you don’t like women with huge tits… I mean come on.

I honestly don’t know why his post this morning bothered me so much and why I found the need to post about it here of all places. He posts stupid shit all the time and just makes himself look like an idiot, I just felt like this one may have crossed the line. I don’t even have that many gay friends yet I feel like the military attacking gays is basically like them attacking what America stands for in general, individual freedom… And again, I’m not in the military, although both my Grandfathers did serve for many years in both World War II and the Korean War (they’ve since passed away so I don’t know their opinions on this matter), but I’d like to know if the statement my “friend” made above is the general consensus amongst people serving in the military… and maybe there are other, non-ignorant, reasons that people do not want gays to serve, but I really don’t think the above statement is a good reason not to let them be willing to die to protect us.