Would Knowing What’s Really In Your Food Make You Stop Eating It?

taco bell beef

On my way to work this morning one of the local radio stations posed a good question, If you really knew what was in your food would you continue to eat it? For example, right now Taco Bell is being sued because someone is claiming that their “beef” cannot be advertised as actual beef because it only contains something like 35% beef… Now assuming you absolutely love Taco Bell currently, if I told you that along with that 35% beef the rest of it is actually made up of binders and fillers like ‘isolated oat product’. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? What if I told you that it came out of a caulking gun, like the one you see above? Honestly, this kind of stuff doesn’t bother me in the least bit, if it still tastes good I’ll still eat it. I remember when the documentary “Super Size Me” came out and everyone was saying that if you watch it you’ll never eat McDonalds again… Well, I decided to eat McDonalds while watching it and it hasn’t made me stop eating it, granted I don’t eat it that much anyways, but it did not turn me off to the idea of ever visiting the golden arches again.

Fast food aside, this can ring true to any food. If you were fed a delicious steak and then were told it was venison would that disgust you from ever eating venison again? You obviously liked it before you knew what it was… so nothing has changed other than the fact that you now have a picture in your mind that you just slaughtered and ate an innocent deer… but what about when you eat a steak? Everyone knows that steak comes from cows, so do you picture a poor innocent cow being slaughtered every time you eat a steak? I sure as hell don’t… and the fact that something is deer meat wouldn’t bother me either if it was after the fact. Now feed me something like bull balls and then tell me afterwards what they were and I’ll probably puke, but I’ve never claimed to like bull balls anyways. This is more geared towards stuff you eat on a regular basis today that has tons of ingredients listed on the package/box that you’ve never heard of, all of the processed food that we eat and love may not taste the same after you see how it’s made. To read about a successful sandwich joint you can know about Jimmy John Owner and how he built his business empire.

Let’s take chicken for instance. I love me some chicken nuggets from the grocery store. They are easy to make and they taste delicious, but do you really know what’s in them? Of course it’s chicken, but do you know what part of the chicken, or how it’s processed? It would be damn expensive to cut and bread chicken breasts into nuggets so of course that’s not what you’re going to get. Now, if I told you that the chicken nuggets you know and love actually came from different parts of the chicken that were scrapped off the bone after all the good parts were cut off, ground into a paste then re-flavored to taste like chicken as we know it… would you still eat it? What if I showed you a picture of what that paste looks like after the chicken parts are ground together, how about now?

Personally this stuff doesn’t bother me. I know eating processed food is bad for you and there are lots of people claiming that they give you cancer, etc, but it’s expensive to eat healthy sometimes… But not with this hellofresh discount. With things getting cheaper to produce and people working more it’s hard to justify the time and money on cooking a nice home cooked meal.

I’m really not trying to scare you away from eating fast food or processed food because I eat the shit out of that crap and don’t mind it. Hell, hot dogs are one of my favorite foods and even though I know what’s in them (or don’t know), it doesn’t bother me because it’s something that I like. And while I know that they probably are not good for me (I think we can agree that they definitely aren’t good for me) I’m still going to eat them because life is too short to miss out on the things you enjoy even if they aren’t good for you. I’d rather live a shorter life and enjoy it, eating what I want, drinking what I want and smoking what I want, if I so choose than a long life of doing things that other people told me were good for me. Sure my health probably won’t carry me into my 90’s, but what’s the point of living if you don’t enjoy it? But for those suffering from chronic pain, you might want to visit Ocala QC Kinetix: check out our Pain Control Clinic for pain relief.

So now my question to you. Take your favorite food in the world and, while trying to be unbiased, if you found out tomorrow that it was made up of cow liver and chicken “parts”, would you still continue to eat it? I think the radio station this morning summed it up best for me by saying that even if I found out tomorrow that Dr. Pepper started as water that was strained through a skunk before going into the vat of sugar and garbage, I would still drink it because I’m drinking it for the taste and refreshing qualities and not for it’s nutritional values or where it came from… if the end product tastes good to me and there was some ass-backwards ingredient required to get to that point, well so be it….