Weekend of Concerts/Shows

Another weekend has come and gone, but it was a good one. Finally didn’t have to run around to a million weddings or random obligations, we relaxed and went to a few concerts/shows. Friday night I had softball in the freezing cold, but we got our first victory so that was exciting. Saturday we spent the day at Ikea trying to find some furniture for the apartment. After that we headed to dinner at the Stonewood Ale House which was actually pretty good, would definitely go back. And after that it was off to the concert at the All State Arena.

What concert? The New Kids on The Block of course! ha! We got the skybox for free from work so there was no reason not to go. I got wasted and had a better time than I was expecting. I took a few videos with my iPhone using Qik, so they were streaming live to the web. They aren’t the greatest quality and the sound is horrible, but you get the idea.

And then yesterday we hung out and watched the Bears destroy the Lions and then headed back to Rosemont to see America’s Best Dance Crew Live at the Rosemont Theatre. The show was really good and the theatre is incredible, I’ve never been there before. So overall it was a busy weekend, but busy in a good way. We didn’t have to do things for anyone else, we finally did some things we wanted to do.