Quiznos Free Sub Coupons Experience

Earlier in the week a coupon appeared online from Quiznos offering a free small sub. There was no catch and the only restrictions were that it had to be a value sub or a signature sub. You didn’t have to purchase anything else and the coupon only stated that tax may have to be paid. Still, .50 cents for a $4 sub isn’t bad.

Now I haven’t gone to Quiznos in a long time since they killed off the meatball sub, but apparently they brought it back recently and armed with a free coupon there was no reason not to pick up a sub for lunch on Monday. So I print out the coupon and head to Quiznos.

I always get a little leary of these free coupons for stuff thinking that the store in my area isn’t going to be one of the participating stores, or that the coupon was fake. I figured the coupon was real as it came from a legitimate Quiznos owned website, so no worries there, but would they really just take a piece of paper and hand me a sub?

I walked in and showed the guy behind the counter the coupon, before I even ordered anything, and asked if they accept these. He looked at it for a couple seconds just to read the stipulations of the deal and then said no problem. So I ordered 2 small meatball subs. I got 2 because the small just isn’t enough food. I paid for 1 of them and the other was completely free. The cashier didn’t even check my id, he read that part of the coupon and laughed and just slid it in his drawer.

So my experience with the million free subs coupon from Quiznos was perfect, but I can’t say as much for the sandwich itself. I’ve gotten overcooked meatballs from subway before, but never Quiznos, but these were disgusting. The meatballs were so burnt and nasty I could barely finish 1 of the subs let alone both. So while I did get my free sub, it was fucking disgusting and may have turned me off to Quiznos for a long time.

I’ve also read a bunch of complaints on The Consumerist about certain locations not accepting the coupons at all or making you buy a drink/chips in order to get the free sub. Some stores were even offering $2 off instead of the free sub. Now in my eyes this is ridiculous. It’s a corporate issued coupon that the head offices should reimburse the store for anyways. But apparently Quiznos corporate has a tendancy not to reimburse the franchises for coupons, which is also ridiculous. Whyveould you run this huge promotion where you’re trying to give away a million subs and then screw your franchise owners by not reimbursing them? Sounds like corporate is to blame for this fiasco. They should have notified each store and let them know what they were soon here and assured them that they would be reimbursed.

So this is just a warning, some stores will honor the coupon no problem, but other stores will give you a hard time and refuse. And technically it’s within their rights to refuse since the coupon does state that it’s only valid at participating locations… So be prepared to deal with rude managers/employees that don’t want to honor the coupon.

Did anyone else try to take advantage of this offer? What was your experience like, leave us a comment.