Organic Food Not Any Healthier Than Non-Organic Food

I’ve never been the one to eat healthy or go out of my way to eat something that is organic or not processed food, so I’m obviously not one to rant on this topic, but this article was way to interesting not to read/post about. So whether or not you know, you can buy different types of some of the same foods, organic and non-organic. Stores like Whole Foods and Wild Oats are “organic” grocery stores where as stuff like Jewel, Dominicks, or whatever chain grocery store you have in your area, are “normal” grocery stores. The food in normal grocery stores tastes better, probably has more sugars and whatever, but is all still approved by the FDA. Food you find in the organic grocery stores is usually bland, and the food is grown or produced without any of the normal pesticides or whatever, it must be produced using 95% organic compounds in order to be approved and display the USDA Organic label.

What they don’t tell you is that some of those “organic” compounds, like the natural pesticides, are actually really bad for the environment.

For example, organic farmers are allowed to treat fungal diseases with copper solutions and remain within guidelines. Copper, which is toxic, is the 18th most used pesticide in the U.S. and stays in the soil forever, unlike modern biodegradable pesticides.

They also tested organic milk as compared to normal milk and could not find one single difference. Strange huh? The same exact compounds end up in the finished product yet organic milk costs a good buck or 2 more than normal milk. Seems like a giant scam to me, but again, I’ve never been the one to eat healthy by any means, so if it gives you peace of mind then by all means keep eating it. I will continue to eat my food from the normal grocery store, although I’m willing to bet if you put normal food and organic food on a plate (same foods) and asked me which was which, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But I’d rather save that extra buck or two to spend on something like processed food, which I know is terrible for me and I don’t think there is a study out there that would tell you otherwise.

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Update 7/29/09: Another article released backing up the fact that organic food has no more nutritional value than non-organic food. Click Here to Read