Got The Munchies? – The Breakfast Sandwich

Who doesn’t love breakfast food. Eggs, bacon, toast, cheese, pancakes, french toast, sausage, waffles are possibly some of the most delicious foods ever created. So what better way to satisfy your hunger than making an amazing and quick breakfast sandwich. The longest part of this process is frying the bacon, but once that’s done everything else can be pulled together in a matter of minutes. And the best part is the whole process doesn’t require much in the way of kitchen supplies. So whether you just need a quick meal or if you’ve been taking “medicine” that makes you hungry, this is a quick and easy solution.

This sandwich will not incorporate all of the things I mentioned above (although that could come in the next iteration of the sandwich), but we will be using 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, cheese, toast and in my case Miracle Whip, although you can use whatever condiments you want (ketchup is a good choice as well according to my g/f).

Start by frying up 2 (or however many you want) strips of bacon in a small pan and while the bacon is cooking go ahead and toast your bread in the toaster. It’s easier to have the toast all ready to go so when the eggs are done frying you can take them directly off and put them on the toast.

Once the bacon is all fried up and the bread is toasted, go ahead and put whatever condiment on your bread that you like. It’s at this point that I would put Miracle Whip on both pieces of toast. Once that is done take the small pan that you cooked the bacon in and fry up 1 egg IN THE BACON GREASE. This is what makes this sandwich a little different than your normal breakfast sandwich. So instead of oil we’ll just reuse the bacon grease, thus being green and helping the planet by not pouring the bacon grease down the drain. Once the first egg is finished, place it on the toast and then place the piece of cheese on top of it.

Now go ahead and fry up the 2nd egg in the pan. You can do both eggs at the same time if you want, but the pan I was using was a little on the small size and since eggs cook extremely fast I figured it was just easier to do one at a time. If you did do both in the pan at the same time, just cut the finished fried egg in half to sandwich the cheese between. So now obviously after the 2nd egg is done, place it on top of the cheese which will immediately start to melt into a delicious gooey texture. Lastly place the bacon on top of the 2nd egg and then the top piece of toast to complete the sandwich.

Do you have any suggestions for incredible, heart attack inducing foods that I should try? Or possibly a way to improve upon this creation, let us know in the comments.