Double Cheeseburger or McDouble

Rumors of McDonalds dropping the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu seem to be picking up steam these days. I first heard about this “McDouble” the other night at our softball game and couldn’t believe it was actually true (as in McDonalds is considering it). Apparently cheese is costing McDonalds too much money and they are actually thining about removing the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu because of it. The double cheeseburger consists of two “beef” pattys, 2 pieces of cheese, a couple pickles, ketchup, mustard and a bun, not a whole lot to it really. So McDonalds apparently wants to raise the price of this double cheeseburger by ~.20 cents or so to make up for the cost of the extra piece of cheese… yeah, 1 piec of cheese is the problem here. Apparently if they remove the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu they are going to introduce the “McDouble” which is basically just a double cheeseburger with 1 piece of cheese instead of 2, and that will keep the price at .99 cents.

I’m sure McDonalds has their business reasons for wanting to do so, obviously they wouldn’t make the change if they weren’t losing money somewhere (or not making as much as they used to be). I just find it hard to believe that McDonalds is paying over .20 cents for a piece of cheese. Maybe I just don’t know the cheese market at the moment, but with the amount of cheese McDonalds uses you’d think they’d get it (or produce their own) for pretty cheap. I mean, aren’t Kraft Singles sold in like packages of 25-30? for like $3-4 bucks? That comes out to .10-.20 cents or so a slice and that’s just for a single person buying individually wrapped pieces of cheese in a small amount.

Like I said, maybe I don’t understand what cheese is doing with our economy the way it is, but it just seems like a stupid issue to be considering. It’s obviously not going to stop me from getting a dollar menu double-whatever when I’m drunk and coming home from the bar. One extra piece of cheese doesn’t help me, it probably hurts me, considering I have issues with dairy. And do they really think anyone is going to pay an extra .20 cents for an extra piece of cheese on their double burger?