Instagram has turned into a mecca for food photography. You don’t see quite as many food pictures on Facebook and Twitter, but for some reason, people love to “Instagram” their food. I’m probably going to catch some shit for this post as my wife is one of these people, but it seems to be the hot topic this week so I figured I’d voice my opinion.

First of all, nobody gives a shit what you’re eating… seriously. I don’t care if it looks amazing on the plate, or if you just want to brag about the restaurant you’re eating at, nobody cares. If you really want to brag about where you’re eating this weekend just “check-in” on Foursquare or Facebook. I don’t need to see a picture of the food you ordered at Guy Fieri’s awesome restaurant to be jealous of you… Truth is, I’m not jealous at all, food isn’t that interesting. Take pictures of things that people want to see; cool artwork, a sweet sunset, buildings in the big city, a dude wearing a spongebob costume on his way out of Starbucks on a random Tuesday afternoon… That’s the kind of stuff I want to see, not a plate of mashed potatoes.

The other issue I have with this whole “Instagraming” of food is when people take the pictures in a restaurant. If you’re going to take a photo of your food in public at least turn the flash off. I don’t care if it makes the picture hard to see, you’re annoying the people around you with the bright white flash of light coming from the dark corner of the room. Unless we’re just at the bar hanging out with friends having a few drinks, I try not to take my phone out of my pocket unless it vibrates. I don’t constantly check it to see if I missed a call or a text; I don’t constantly check Twitter or Facebook to see what other people are up to; I may “Check-In” on Foursquare when we first sit down, but after that I try to keep the phone use to a minimum. Believe me, I love my phone just as much as the next guy, but there I try to be respectful of the people I’m with and not pay more attention to it than them.

What do you guys think about taking pictures of your food in restaurants? I guess it’s a hot topic this week as a few restaurants have started actively banning “food porn” pics from being taken within their establishment. And as I said above, I kind of agree with them. Nobody wants to see pictures of your restaurant food and nobody wants to see your flash going off in a dark restaurant. If you have to take a picture of your food to brag to your friends, please turn the flash off so you don’t annoy the people around you. It’s almost as annoying as people who text in movie theaters thinking that just because they aren’t talking on the phone, they can still get away with it… Idiot, it’s the light from the screen that’s annoying. Hell, I would probably be less annoyed with someone talking super quietly on their phone than if they were texting out in the open.

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