Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt

When I was in college I basically lived off of Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Mozzarella sticks. We would go to nicer restaurants and I would just stuff my face with different kinds of cheeses. These days those same cheeses don’t really sit as well with me, but I’ll still indulge occasionally. Fast forward 9 years later and what do we have… Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt!! OMG!!!!11!11 Where was this thing when I was in college and was able to process lactose properly. The Fried Cheese Melt is basically a grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella sticks… INSIDE IT! I seriously just had a cheese-gasm. I can feel my self getting gassy just from looking at the picture.  I mean, I’ve had cheeseburgers with mozzarella sticks, bacon and a fried egg, but I don’t know how I did not think of making this. And the best part is it’s only $4 so if your goal in life is to have a heart attack by the time you’re 30, like me, then what are you waiting for!!!