Bacon Vodka aka Jesus Juice

Bacon vodka is exactly what you think it is…. vodka that has a bacony taste to it. If you make it right it can be delicious, if you make it wrong, it will be one of the grossest things you’ve ever tasted.

Bacon + Vodka = Jesus riding a dinosaur, while holding a smaller, yet still ferocious dinosaur.

What You Need:
3 pieces of cooked bacon
1 empty jar about a pint size, or bigger depending on what you feel like doing.
1 bottle of vodka
3 weeks of waiting time
A freezer
A coffee filter to get the goopy pig fat out of the vodka
A ride to the hospital because this is going to knock you out with it’s awesomeness

1. Cook up the bacon, you shouldn’t have to do this since I already told you above that you needed 3 pieces of cooked bacon, but incase you missed that, cook up your bacon now.
2. Put 3 pieces of cooked bacon into the empty jar.
3. Fill that jar with delicious vodka.
4. Close the jar.
5. Put the bottle of heaven into a cupboard for 3 weeks, don’t be tempted to touch it before then or you will be sorry.
6. After 3 weeks put the bottle in the freezer and freeze it so that the fat solidifys in the jar. Mmmmmm bacodka fat…..
7. Wait a little while, a day or so, and then take the bottle out of the freezer and strain through a coffee filter to remove all the fatty gunk that has built up, you don’t want to be drinking that trust me.
8. Serve and Enjoy.