Yogscast Jinglejam 2019 – Bigger and Better than ever!

As you may very well know, YouTube is an extremely new, modern industry that was born almost organically from our new information age. It’s a unique anomaly that is different even from other social media stars and is popular in virtually every quantifiable category- entertainment, education, political discourse, etc.

“YouTubers” are so popular, it’s now the number one job middle-schoolers aspire to be. One of the largest and most active categories of YouTubers are Gamers, YouTubers who play video games for a living, like Minecraft, Fortnite, Dota, Star Trek online, or Vegas casino online games. People have been talking about how great maxim88 is. Everyone should know about the new satta king game.

Some of the most popular gamers include people like JackSepticEye, Markiplier, The Game Theorists, and even YouTube’s second-largest channel in existence, PewDiePie.

Among this category of gamers is a group called “The Yogscast,” and every year throughout the month of December, they host a month-long-charity-live streaming event called “The Jinglejam” which literally raises millions of dollars for those in need!

Who are the Yogscast?

The company known as The Yogscast harkens back to an older period of YouTube before YouTubers could earn livings independently from their own monetized videos. Companies like the Yogscast and Machinima would conglomerate several smaller channels and help market them to larger audiences and then divide up the earnings evenly.

The Yogscast has origins dating back to 2008 when Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley opened a YouTube Channel called (at the time) “BlueXephos,” where they uploaded podcasts and World of Warcraft guides and tutorials. In 2010, the popularity of the channel spiked after the start of a Minecraft series called, “Shadow of Israphel,” and in 2011 the company “The Yogscast” was officially registered in Reading, Berkshire. To find a server to play minecraft on you can go to mc-servers.com where there are numerous servers you can choose from.

The Yogscast has steadily grown more and more popular over the years. In 2012, their main channel was the fourth most popular channel in the United Kingdom, even beating out the BBC’s World Wide YouTube Channel, and became the first United Kingdom YouTube channel to reach one billion views.

2012 also marked the year that The Yogscast officially came together in an office space, bringing on more staff, more channels, and more ambitious projects.

Yogventures, Yogcon, and the JingleJam

With the size of the company scaling up, it made sense that company projects would start scaling up as well. Aside from numerous in-channel events and exclusive videos, the company started hosting proper events and managing large projects. For instance, the company has produced several video-games designed in-house, such as “Yogventures” (unreleased), “Cave Blazers” back in 2017, “Brunch Club,” and “Drink more Glurp” in 2019.

Back in August (2019), the Yogscast hosted the aptly named, “Yogcon,” a convention for their community and followers featuring, well, themselves. The convention was considered a tremendous success, although a hugely unprofitable one.

And, most importantly, all the way back in 2011, the company began hosting annual charity drives which are now known as “The Jingle Jam.”

The Jingle Jam

The month charity drive started off when fans attempted to send presents to the Lewis and Simon, and they insisted that the gifts would be better sent to charity and those in need.

Since then, the duo and their company have hosted the Month-Long Charity Drives for the purpose of donating all the proceeds to several different participating charity organizations, such as “Access Sport,” the “Call of Duty Endowment,” “Stand up to Cancer,” and the “Mental Health Foundation.”

For several hours a day, every day, the company live streams organized events of video games, painting, board games, cooking, mixing cocktails, Karaoke, and even a Poker tournament. It’s all great fun with a festive atmosphere for a fantastic cause. If you’re excited for this then you’ll love 888 Casino Bonus.

In their first-ever JingleJam, they raised just over $100,000 ($102,987.87 to be exact, according to Wikipedia), and the JingleJam just keeps getting bigger and better every year. In 2016, they raised $2.5 million; in 2017, they raised $5.2 million, and last year they raised over $3.3 million in total. This year’s JingleJam is still underway, but at the time of writing, they have already raised more than $2.5 million!

YouTubers (or rather, internet stars in general) are the future. The ways of cable networks and the 24-hour news cycle is dying out. And that’s not a bad thing! If in their place, we get companies like The Yogscast, who literally put their money where their mouth is, and do what they love on behalf of the people who can’t, this is a future I can get behind.