WTF Sinbad and Rob Thomas From Matchbox 20

Wow, last nights episode of It’s Always Sunny was incredible, best episode of the season. The random cameos by Sinbad and Rob Thomas came out of nowhere (unless you saw the preview for this weeks episode), pretty much everything in Charlie’s apartment was ridiculous, and Dee doing stand-up comedy was pure gold. I also enjoyed Frank and Mac trying to get in touch with Bon Jovi or Bovine Joni whatever you want to call him, with Mac wearing the bald cap and not shaving his beard, then wearing a shitty wig on top of the bald cap…. classic.

Dee: There’s only 50 cats out there because you have empty cans of cat food laying around.
Charlie: No, there are 50 cats out there because there’s like 1000 rats around my building.

Oh man, I can’t get over Charlie eating the cat food, drinking beer and then huffing glue just to get to sleep because of the cats. Then Dee huffing too much glue and hallucinating in the hallway of the apartment.

Dennis: I met Sinbad……
Charlie: Really dude? You met Sinbad, he’s like my favorite, can you introduce me?
Dennis: Sure, lets go.
Charlie: Sweet, I hope he’s wearing something made of windbreaker

(My quotes might not be entirely accurate, I’m trying to recall them from last night)

And now some animated gifs w/ a bonus image after the jump.