Workaholics: Temp-Tress (10/4/11)

workaholics temp-tress

In between sessions with RAGE I’ll have to make sure to check out tonight’s “Workaholics”. And don’t forget that “South Park” starts tomorrow as well, can’t wait.  See you tomorrow with a brief recap of the episode.


An attractive temp at TelAmeriCorp tests the guys limits of self-control.

Wrestlemania is happening in 72 hours and the guys are throwing a party, only one problem, they don’t have a working TV. They obviously can’t afford a new TV so when TelAmeriCorp decides that they are going to give away a brand new fridge with a 15″ LCD TV on the front of it the guys know they have to win, only one problem… the new temp (Nicky Whelan) is smoking hot and it’s all they can think about.

I thought this episode was better than last week, but not as good as the first episode with the dragon. First off I just have to say that yes, the actress that plays the temp is smoking hot, but I digress, back to the episode. So the guys are too distracted by the temp to even care about trying to win the TV until they discover that the guy she is/has been dating is just a regular guy, which means they have a chance. First thing’s first though, they have to relieve a little built up tension before they can even think about. Blake and Adam decide they want to go jerk off in the bathroom, while Ders doesn’t feel comfortable with that cause it’s obviously wrong. So what do they do, Blake and Ders go tell their boss that Ders wants to know if they could jerk off in the bathroom. She obviously says no, so they guys decide to head out to the parking lot and rub one out in their car. Don’t worry though, they set up sheets around the car to give them a little privacy. Once they have taken care of business they head back into the office to try and win the fridge so they can give it to the temp to impress her. They do end up winning the fridge by scamming a customer, but it doesn’t impress the temp at all, but at least the guys have a TV to watch Wrestlemania on now.

So overall a pretty solid episode, the show continues to impress me with one-liners and plenty of quotable comments. Glad to see these guys are still going strong, see you next week.

And for those wondering, cause I know you are, Nicky Whelan was in “Hall Pass” where you can check out her tits if you would like… as I’m sure most people reading this site would like, based on the demographic.