Workaholics: Old Man Ders (10/18/11)

workaholics old man ders

Looks like Anders is turning the big 2-5 tonight yet it apparently makes him feel like he’s about to die. Workaholics is all new tonight with plenty of tight butthole, but sadly the temp is gone.

Old Man Ders

Ders’ 25th birthday makes him feel old and practically at death’s door.

Another solid episode of Workaholics this week. Anders turns 25 and decides that 25 is way too old so he takes it upon himself to relive his youth. Things got a little crazy though when he stole Montez’ brand new “america” car and took the guys out joy riding as they looked for a place that served alcohol at 10:30 in the morning. After determining that the local strip club wasn’t open yet, they found themselves at “the black Chuck E Cheese” aka Dante’s Pizza Palace drinking pitchers of beer and praying that “The Ders” didn’t make an appearance.

Apparently Anders becomes “The Ders” when he’s had way too much to drink and Blake wants to avoid this while they are at Dante’s, but slamming pitchers of beers isn’t helping that fact. Meanwhile, Adam decides that since the strip club isn’t open they should call up the strippers and bring them to the pizza place. This turns a bit awkward when Anders and Adam are getting lap dances in the tubes meant for kids to crawl around in. But in the end it all works out when Anders gets punched in the face by the father of one of the kids he’s been patronizing the whole night.

Another solid episodes for the Workaholics guys, can’t wait to see what they have in store next week.