Workaholics: Model Kombat (10/11/11)

workaholics model kombat

Looks like Adam is finally going to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a male model, but the guys are having none of it. There are sure to be some 5th grade boners and tight buttholes in this episode of Workaholics.

Model Kombat

A rift develops between the guys when Adam contemplates finding work as a model.

Another solid episode this week. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened. When Adam finds out that the boss is upset because her divorce is final, he comes to her aid and tries to comfort her only to be tossed aside like he’s nothing. He thinks all hope is lost until Anders tries to pitch his website idea to which the boss responds that they need a professional male model, which Adam assumes can be him. He decides he’s going to go to one of those mall talent searches 200+ miles away and since the guys have nothing better to do they go with.

While they are at the mall Anders takes his computer to the “genius bar” to figure out why he couldn’t get the computer turned on to show his boss his ideas for the website. It turns out his browser history showed him going to a bunch of sites dedicated to “whale tails” which one can only assume is a direct correlation to the massive amounts of semen found underneath his keyboard. So while Adam is getting in a fight with two little girls in line for the talent search, Anders confronts him on why there is a massive amount of semen under his keyboard. At this point Anders asks Adam for a clean shirt since some asshole pushed a drink into his, which leads to Anders getting discovered as a male model and Adam getting the shaft. This leads to a fight between the two of them which turns into a fight between Blake and Adam due to Adam stealing the PS3 away from him while he’s trying to become top 50 in the world at some fighting game so he can meet Jean Claude Van Dam. And that’s basically it.

Pretty solid episode, definitely check it out for yourselves since I tend to leave out a lot of details in these recaps (on purpose).