Workaholics: Man Up (11/15/11)

workaholics man up

workaholics man up

Another Tuesday means another all new episode of “Workaholics”. Looks like the guys aren’t feeling very manly lately… I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of the episode.

Man Up

The guys take a “man trip” to get their macho mojo back.

What better way to be a man than to take a camping trip and kill animals. That’s what the guys on Workaholics decided to do last night although they didn’t really end up killing any animals, but they did kick a raccoon extremely hard.

Another solid episode from the guys at Mail Order Comedy. This week the guys realize that they are basically the opposite of men and set out to do manly things. They decide that there is nothing more manly than hunting so they head out to pick up some guns, but soon find out that there is a 10 day waiting period on guns so they opt for a bow and arrow, a crossbow and a harpoon gun. Armed with their weapons and a lip full of chewing tobacco, they take the volvo and head up north to find something to kill.

Things take a slight turn when the car breaks down and they are forced to pull over and attempt to fix it. Despite what they want to believe, the guys have no idea what they are doing when it comes to fixing a car, hell, they didn’t even know how to pop the hood until Ders remembered the “secret lever”. Meanwhile, Blake is cooking up some manly burgers and margaritas in the backseat of the car for them to enjoy. So upon inspecting the engine they decide that it’s probably a problem in the battery area so they push it to the closest gas station to have the mechanic take a look. The mechanic supposedly changes the battery, even though Ders wasn’t allowed to watch, and the guys are ready to go. As soon as they start leaving the gas station they spot a raccoon near the dumpster. This is their chance to kill an animal and be manly men, but Blake is starting to wuss out and doesn’t want to do it. In fact, all of the guys start to have second thoughts about killing an animal until the raccoon starts to charge Adam. In a heroic act, Anders punts the raccoon into the side of a dumpster knocking it unconscious. As the guys celebrate their victory, the local bum comes up looking for his pet raccoon to feed it.

Things start getting all “Mad Max” at this point as the bum forces Anders into the Volvo and makes him teach him how to drive stick so they can drive the raccoon to the hospital. Thinking that Ders’ life is in danger, Adam and Blake purchase an $800 el camino and race after them. It turns out that Ders isn’t in any trouble and the bum is actually a really nice guy, but Adam doesn’t know this and shoots out the tires with his crossbow. In the end the bum steals the el camino and drives off leaving the guys with the damaged volvo and no desire to go hunting anymore. Instead they head to the Rihanna concert with Jillian and continue to have her fight their battles.

Workaholics continues to impress me with the creative writing and funny story lines. It kind of reminds me of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s” earlier seasons.