Workaholics: Heist School (9/20/11)


The 2nd season of “Workaholics” kicks off tonight and if you haven’t caught up on this show I suggest you do. Created as a web series by the guys in “Mail Order Comedy”, Comedy Central picked it up as a series last year and it’s taken off from there. If “Mail Order Comedy” sounds familiar it may be because they are the same guys behind “Wizards Never Die“, one of the greatest rap songs ever. So if you get a chance, check out this show. I’ll be posting the synopsis’ every week and some quick recaps if I have time.

Heist School

In the second-season premiere, the loss of something valuable sends the guys on an undercover mission at a high school to investigate.

And so the 2nd season premiere has come and gone… what did you guys think? I actually liked it quite a bit, but sometimes I feel like there is no possible way that 3 dudes can be so dumb… It’s like Michael Scott from The Office broke down into 3 younger versions of himself, yet each of the 3 only got 1/3 of his brain.

The episode revolved around taxes. Apparently the guys have never looked at their paychecks so they had no clue that the government was taking money out for taxes [etc] each week. Anders explains what the taxes are for and Adam automatically assumes that means that anything funded by tax payer money is theirs for the taking, like the giant dragon statue in a public playground. The guys steal the statue and put it in their front yard, then it’s up to the roof for some beers.

After Anders passes out and Adam is holding Blake’s hair while he pukes off the roof, a group of high school kids come and steal the dragon statue which leads the guys to go undercover in the high school to try and get it back. Needless to say they have a hard time fitting in and finding out who took the dragon statue.

I thought it was a pretty good episode, but I just hope their stupidity doesn’t start to get on my nerves. Adam is seriously retarded and needs help that Ders and Blake just can’t give him.

And don’t forget, mother fuckin wizards never die!