Workaholics: Dry Guys (9/27/11)

workaholics dry guys

Looks like the guys have done a little too much partying and it’s time to give it a rest for a little while, and by little while I mean a week.

Dry Guys

The guys try to quit drinking for a week after a particularly rough night of imbibing.

So the guys decided to give up drinking for a whole week after awakening to a pit of destruction one morning. Their house looked like a bomb went off and the local strip club DJ was in the kitchen making them eggs… Sounds like it was a good night if you ask me, but the guys decided that enough was enough and they had to limit their alcohol intake for a while. They decided to go sober for 1 week which turns out is longer than any of them thought. By the next day Adam had already fashioned a small liquor bottle to his work headset which he was sort of using like a hamster water bottle thing while he was working. The guys started arguing and eventually ended up destroying their office which lead their boss, who looked kinda hot this week for some reason, to send them to HR to complete a substance abuse program before they could return to work.

Anders and Blake made their way down to HR to start their class while Adam went and took a dump, or at least that’s what he told them. Once the guys reached HR there was a mexican landscaper in the room with them who claimed he was Adam while out the window we could see that Adam was really playing Soccer with the landscapers in the parking lot. No matter though, the HR rep didn’t really want to teach the class anyways so he was just going to pop in “Step Brothers” and call it a day until Ders and Blake took off into the parking lot to stop Adam from drinking a can of beer one of the landscapers gave him. Things began to get heated and the can of beer was thrown at the HR reps face thus pissing him off to the point where he made the guys go through the actual program.

I thought the episode was just OK. I liked last week better with Cee-Lo Green and the taxes bit, but I really hope the season picks up a bit as it goes on, while I also learned how W2 income statement looks like for my taxes. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show I just think these guys are funnier than this episode. What did you guys think?