Workaholics: Ders Comes in Handy (7/24/12)

workaholics ders comes in handy

workaholics ders comes in handy

Workaholics has got to be one of the best comedies on TV right now and it’s a shame we haven’t been writing about it more often, but that’s going to change. With new shows starting this fall, we’re going to follow a few of them and post up the synopsis and reviews of them here on the site. We used to do this for a lot of shows, but for some reason we stopped…

Ders Comes in Handy

Montez thinks his wife is being unfaithful, so the guys help with the search for her paramour.

While not the best episode of Workaholics that I’ve seen, it was still highly entertaining. The episode starts off with Ders, Blake and Adam going to the sporting goods store to pick up some supplies for their big “camping” trip. I say camping lightly as they are really only “camping out” at the Xzibit concert. Things take an awkward turn when Ders is looking at tents and a woman comes up to him and out of nowhere just starts giving him an over-the-pants hand job. Soon after, we find out that it was Montez’s wife and now Ders is in an awkward position as Montez has offered to let them use his RV to go to the Xzibit concert like outdoor shows in Hollywood.

Montez soon becomes suspicious of his wife and leaves the house in the RV. The boys can no longer take the RV with them to the concert, so they decide to help Montez figure out who it is that his wife his cheating on him with. Blake and Adam head out on a “steak out” to catch the guy in the act. Their idea of a stake out is to sit in a tree with ropes tied around their waists (in case they fall), all while eating steaks… steak out. As soon as they mentioned the safety ropes they tied around themselves, you just knew that one of them was going to fall out of the tree… and that someone was Adam. So while Ders is in the house trying to get Montez’s wife to delete the picture of him that she took at the camping store, from here phone, Adam falls out of the tree and is basically hanging by his neck, choking. Blake freaks out and busts in the house to find a knife to cut him down with, but instead finds Ders and figures it all out. Blake isn’t even mad, he just wants to find a knife. So they cut Adam down and try to figure out what to tell Montez.

Their brilliant plan consists of telling Montez that they know the guy that his wife is cheating on him with and that they’ll bring him to him, that guy is their drug dealer Carl. Carl wanted to go to the Xzibit concert with the guys, but all he does is fight so they didn’t want him there. Instead, they convinced Carl that Montez would fight him if he just told him that he was sleeping with his wife. So everyone meets in the parking lot, including Montez’s wife, and Montez starts beating Carl with a double sided black dildo. It’s at this point that Ders can’t take it anymore and blurts out that he’s the cheater. He tells Montez that his wife gave him an over-the-pants hand job in the camping store the other day, to which Montez is not surprised about at all. Apparently they have an agreement where she can give over-the-pants hand jobs and Montez can grab boobs over the shirt… Doesn’t seem like a fair agreement though. If a chick walked up to a dude and started giving him an over-the-pants hand job for no reason he’s either going to just pull away and walk away, or let it ride, but he’s not going to scream rape. A girl on the other hand, will slap the shit out of you, kick you in the balls and have you arrested if you try to grab their boobs… Montez loses on this one.

So that was basically it, everything works out fine in the end and Adam even ends up with a rubber mold of Montez’s wife’s vagina… I thought it was a solid episode, but not the best they’ve done. I still think this show is the best comedy on TV right now.

Here’s a nice animated gif of Montez beating down Carl for you: