What is the fascination with Adam Lambert

Whether you watch American Idol or not youve probably heard the name Adam Lambert. Hes one of the most talked about contestants on the show week after week and people go crazy for the guy, and I have no clue why.

Ill give the guy some credit he does seem to have a voice, but he sounds like he puts a clamp on his nuts before every performance. And not to mention every single performance sounds the same, he always ends each song with a high pitched squeel that sounds like its straight out of Deliverance. But oh he sung Mad World that one week and killed it right?? First of all it wasnt an original arrangement as they made it sound and secondly it was awful. I havent felt more uncomfortable watching someone on the American Idol stage since the blind guy left, he was always staring out into space and it creeped me out, get that dude some sun glassses.

Back to Adam though, think about it, what kind of record is this dude going to put out? He cant sing songs like David Cook or Daughtry(I know he didnt win), he cant do whatever the hell Taylor Hicks or Rubben Studdard do… Well unless youre talkin about fading into obscurity, then he might be able to follow them. But seriously all the dude can put out is some classic glam rock type crap that nobody listens to anymore. There is a reason we dont have the hair bands of the 80s anymore…

Music comes and goes with the times whether you like it or not and Adam missed his boat by about 25 years. Out of all the contestants still left on the show Im going to hope Alison wins. If you would have asked me a couple weeks ago I would have said Danny, but Alison just seems to have a better stage presence and better voice. Honestly I wouldnt even care if that other dude with the hot wife wins, as long as its not Adam.