What Do Mexican Girls Love More Than Anything, Tacos

Last night’s episode of It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover was decent, I enjoyed it. Some of my favorite moments were Mac’s vision board, “I’m going to bang Danica Patrick while drinking a beer in the sahara desert on a dune buggy” and Charlie’s vision board just having tons of pictures of Ty Pennington, WWTPD – What Would Ty Pennington Do. The initial break-in to the Juarez’ house had me laughing pretty hard. Dennis blasting death metal and making all sorts of weird faces while Mac just starts busting into bedrooms rounding people up. Charlie going off on how Sears is the greatest store on the planet and then comparing shorts that they bought, or rather cut-off jeans that Dennis made. Getting Mr. Juarez to sign up for a credit card so they could buy all that crap for them. Charlie’s secret project, the “Taco Bed” with different colored sheets for cheese, guacamole, salsa, and then brown pajamas so that the girl could feel like she was the ground beef in the taco every night… classic. Frank getting stabbed in the leg by Mrs. Juarez and then pulling out his gun and waving it around like a crazy person. The room with all the American stuff in it to assimilate the Juarez family to American culture. Apparently watching Apocolypto so that they can see how their people were savages until Mel Gibson and the Christians came and showed them religion. And of course the ending everyone saw coming as soon as the blow torch made an appearance, but what I didn’t expect was the taco bed to be the only thing standing.

I thought the episode was great, some other people I’ve talked to didn’t like it as much as previous ones, what did you guys think? leave a comment and let us know. No animated gifs right now, I’m working on them though.