Wait, Check His Pulse

Some parts of last night’s episode dragged a little bit, but the ending more than made up for it. Mac’s wooden teeth whistling were cracking me up and their British outfits were hysterical. I’m glad Rickety Cricket made an appearance. Charlie aka Charles, being obsessed with that pumpkin the whole time paid off huge. And Franklin testing the guns on Charlie thinking Dee put a curse on them, since she’s a slave witch. And can’t forget Mac and Dennis saying “yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssss” and then getting tarred and feathered. Overall there were some really great moments last night, another quality episode, but the greatest moment of all was the end. Frank blowing Cricket’s head off and then Charlie saying “Wait, chick his pulse” as he’s sitting there spewing blood everywhere. And then using the pumpkin to turn him into the headless horseman, who rides by and causes the guys carrying the liberty bell to drop it… pure genius.

And as always here’s an animated gif of Charlie wanting to check his pulse after his head’s been blown off.

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