For those of you that watch Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory on MTV, there is a guy on the show called Turbo who is supposedly the maintenance guy or handyman around the Factory, but Rob likes to mess with him so he blurs his face in every single episode. So while “Turbo” has appeared in Rob & Big, unblurred, he has never shown his face on The Fantasy Factory, but now you can see what he looks like.

For the longest time I thought he was one of the “Extreme Guys” from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, but after rewatching the movie last night, I’ve determined that it’s not him, but they do look similar. So anyways, the above picture is what Turbo really looks like without the blur, if anyone cared. You can follow him on twitter at

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  • t-john


  • Luckily we have Chanel to balance out the hotness!

  • Mattias

    speaking of chanel, she hooked up with this dood (see episode 1-8, “Unseen Footage”.) sad, yeah?

  • soap mctavish

    fyi its not that robs a dick its cuz he was emberessed in the beginig of the seson ur the dick

  • Lawlz

    robs not being a dick by blurring him
    he’s okay with it
    it shows that throughout the episodes

  • AC Slater

    Lawlz: Haha, I know he’s not being a dick, this post was written really early into the first season of Fantasy Factory.


    this guy beat the crap out of his girlfriend last year… you can google it

  • Jaybird3173

    Hes probably really good looking in person!

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  • Sup bitch

    Rob says he does it as a joke because he always wants to be i the shot so they ended up blurring him and the only way to get unblurred is to lick the test dummy Kennys crack to belly button!! But the guy doesnt mind being blurred