Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus: Season Opener (2/8/09)

Now this show is absolutely insane. If you don’t know who Travis Pastrana is he’s a freestyle motocross rider who has done some ridiculous things, he’s done a double backflip on a motorcycle, he’s jumped out of a plane without a parachute, and he’s ridden a motorcycle into the grand canyon. So that’s basically what the show is about, the ridiculous things him and his friends do.

It started off with them taking old pieces of ramp and making a giant water slide/slip n slide that they incorporated a full loop into and it actually worked! It looked like it worked extremely well too, every single one of them made it around the loop, even Travis’s dad did it!

Now they are showing the foam pit that they use to practice motocross tricks into and apparently one of their friends tried to take his street bike up the ramp and into the pit, but overshot it by about 10 feet almost killing himsef. Also, there seems to be a design flaw that makes almost everyone that uses the ramp, turn right, causing them to miss the foam and hurt themselves. Yeah, it looks quite painful. So knowing that, Travis decides he wants to try a backflip with two people riding a tandum bicycle… doesn’t work out so well. And since that didn’t work, why not try pulling an office chair behind an atv up the ramp… they never made it into the foam pit.

Back from break and Travis is now going to attempt a backflip, on a motorcycle, using one of those temporary road divider things you see on the highways when they are doing construction…. didn’t work, but he’s alright. Now they are doing flips on a scooter (like a razor), a 10 speed mountain bike, basically what looks like a golf cart… it ends when some dude hurts himself doing a double back on a bike. Now the fat guy is eating an entire box of powdered donuts since he can’t really do anything else (same guy that fucked himself up on the street bike). Oh wait, I lied, he’s not trying to eat them, he just shoved the entire box in his mouth, but he managed to get them all down.

Travis is going to now jump out of an airplane without a parachute! Of course, drinking a redbull to give him wings (and probably a couple million bucks). He’s doing all sorts of tricks, now he grabbed onto another guy with a chute and it looks like they tied up to him and then deployed the parachute. Wow that was pretty ridiculous.

uhh, they strapped the fat guy inside of some sort of luggage with wheels and droped him down a half pipe. And now it’s time to go off the huge ramps on what look like big wheels. Wow, Travis just offered up $1 to ride out any trick on the big wheel off the ramp… and the first guy does a backflip, pay that man his dollar. Actually don’t cause now he’s just acting like a douche about it so Travis decides to get pulled behind an ATV to get more speed and try… he didn’t make it on the first or second run.

So to show up the old fat guy that made the backflip, Travis decides to head down to Bob Burnquists mega ramp to play around with the big wheel. Wow that is an absolutely huge ramp! Almost landed it on the first try, he caught the top and bounced out, 2nd time a little long, 3rd time really short and hit the front wheel. And the 4th time is the charm, Travis just landed a backflip on a pink tricycle/big wheel thing on Bob Burnquist’s mega ramp.

And that’s it, this looks like it’s going to be another great show to watch on Sunday nights, I just hope Travis doesn’t kill himself while trying to one up someone for an episode, this shit is insane.

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