Top 7 Best Cooking Shows on Netflix

top food shows netflix

Everyone knows Netflix is regularly producing some of the best television today. From creepy Sci-Fi to award-winning dramas, this online streaming service is changing the way people watch tv. They are also becoming people’s go to for some of the best in cooking shows around. But first, is your Netflix Lagging? Click the link for steps to fix the lag.

Here are some of the best cooking shows on Netflix to help you up your cooking game.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Based on a cookbook of the same name, this combination cooking and travel show sends host Samin Nosrat all over the world to showcase the four elements which make food so tasty. The best part is that not only does it make you want to travel the world, but it also offers a helpful and practical foundation so you can take your cooking to the next level. Plus, Nosrat seems to be having the time of her life, which makes for a fun watch.

The Final Table

This cooking competition features established chefs from around the world cooking iconic dishes from iconic cuisines such as Indian, Italian, French, etc. Working in two-person teams, they are judged by local food ambassadors like food writers, celebrities, and local media personalities. Teams with the lowest rated dishes are then required to compete in an elimination round judged by a famous chef.

What makes this show particularly good is that it focuses on the end dish, not the ridiculousness of the ingredients being used. So, you can really learn quite a lot about how to make and prepare your favorite dishes from around the world with details on which gadgets to use to bring out the best of everything.


Hosted by famous food writer Michael Pollan, this four-part docu-series examins how people relate to food and why it is important to care about what we put in our bodies. Each episode is based on a different element and looks at everything from the history, culture, and technique of food preparation. It may be a little on the brainy side of things but is never condescending.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Bourdain is THE celebrity chef. Part punk rock food god part irreverent poet part travel expert, he redefined the way people saw food from around the world. This travel show highlights not just high cuisine from around the world but also the way ordinary people eat; it truly is one of the best cooking shows on Netflix.

The Mind of a Chef

If you have ever wondered where chefs get their inspiration, this is the show for you. Narrated by Anthony Bourdain, The Mind of a Chef takes a peek in minds of some of the top talents in the food industry. Topics discussed can range from how heritage influences their drive to how to use leftovers to create new masterpieces.

The Great British Baking Show

This cultural phenomenon from across the pond is an absolute joy when it comes to the world of competitive reality television. Completely devoid of snarky insults or villains you love to hate, the contestants on this cooking competition are supportive, helpful, and genuinely pleased with each other’s success. Plus, Paul Hollywood adds a little Simon Cowell attitude for dramatic flair.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

One part crafty cooking show, one part nostalgic creep fest, all parts charming, this how-to cooking show turns the genre upside down in a delightfully macabre way. Joined by a group of ragtag puppets, host Christine McConnell answers the question “what would you get if you mixed Morticia Addams and June Cleaver?”. Fun to watch and easy to follow, this show will help you make every day Halloween.

More of the Best Cooking Shows on Netflix:

While the above may be some of the highlights of the best cooking shows on Netflix, they are hardly the only offerings this online giant has to offer. So, no matter what your tastes are, you are bound to find something which feeds your inner foodie.

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