Top 10 Saved By The Bell Moments

Seeing as how this site is named after A.C. Slater I figured it was time to do a rundown of my Top 10 Saved By The Bell Moments. Now I know there are a lot of other good moments, but I told myself I would take the first 10 that came to my mind and then order them from least memorable to most. Of course after I thought of 10 the memories just started flooding back and I had to add 2 more to the list as honorable mentions and I know there are more, but for the sake of argument we’re just going to leave it at this, but feel free to chime in in the comments and let us know what your favorite Saved By The Bell Moment is.

10. Zack Attack in Concert Singing Friends ForeverRockumentary (season 3 episode 22) – Casey Kasem hosts a “behind the music” type show about “Zack Attack” the fictional band that Zack and friends started in his garage and went on to become huge stars with their hit “Friends Forever”. (The video got taken down, so here’s a terribly filmed version of them singing it in the garage.)

9. Buddy Bands and the Buddy Bands VideoThe Friendship Business (season 1 episode 11) – The gang is given a class project to come up with a product idea to market and sell at school. They come up with Buddy Bands and create the most ridiculous marketing video ever featuring Slater dancing around like a goon with Jessie and Kelly on his arms.

8. Alien ScreechClose Encounters of the Nerd Kind (season 2 episode 12) – The gang films a video for school dressing up Screech as an alien, but then decides that they can make a quick buck if they sell the pictures of Alien Screech to a tabloid, but upon meeting with the reporter he turns out to be a special agent with the government.

7. Screech’s Spaghetti SauceScreech’s Spaghetti Sauce (season 3 episode 3) – Screech’s recipe for spaghetti sauce becomes the hit of the school and he soon has girls climbing all over him, but the best part of this is the commercial they make to promote it. “The sauce-a they can have, but the secret, she’s a-mine”

6. Slater Talks About His Best Friend ArtieSlater’s Friend (season 4 episode 23) – Slater gives a speech in class about his best friend, a chameleon named Artie. Seriously? A chameleon is his best friend? Lame… oh well, it died anyways when he left it in Zack and Screech’s care while he went out of town. It’s amazing that such a bad ass guy would have a pet chameleon…

Johnny Dakota Loves Pot

5. Johnny DakotaNo Hope With Dope (season 3 episode 21) – This whole character/episode was awesome so I can’t choose just a moment, but the best part is that it was an anti drug episode and you know all of the actors were going back to their trailers after each scene and smoking pot while doing lines of coke.

hot Sundae

4. Hot Sundae VideoJessie’s Song (season 2 episode 9) – This isn’t the last time this episode will appear on our countdown, but it contains more than one great moment so I had to throw this in. Jessie, Kelly and Lisa form a girl singing group after Zack hears them singing along with some shitty song at the Max. They come up with a music video that causes Jessie to go into a downward spiral.

its just a brewski

3. “It’s Just a Brewski Preppy”/DUIDrinking and Driving (season 4 episode 10) – In honor of Lisa winning homecoming queen the guys go to a party at Ox’s house. To their surprise there is….omg… BEER. After having 2 drinks Zack thinks he can drive home, but obviously he can’t hold his booze and crashes Lisa’s mom’s Mercedes… I couldn’t find a picture related to this so I just went with a hot picture of Kelly Kapowski.

zack and slater fight

2. Zack and Slater’s FightThe Fight (season 4 episode 1) – Zack and Slater fall in love with the same new girl and end up rolling around on the ground, aka “fighting” as they try to figure out who gets to date her.

1. I’m So Excited, I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared…Jessie’s Song (season 2 episode 9) – The stress of studying and trying to build a successful girl singing group finally gets the best of Jessie when she starts downing caffeine pills to help stay awake and study… Really?!?! caffeine pills is the hard drug of choice for these kids? Hands down the best Saved By The Bell moment, ever!

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Honorable Mentions

Lisa doing “The Sprain” with Screech at the dance competition at The MaxDancing To The Maxx (season 1 episode 1)

Making Fake ID’s to get into The Attic While wearing sweatpants and blazersFake I.D.’s (season 3 episode 9)

And that’s it… let us know what your favorite Saved By The Bell moments are in the comments.