The X Factor: Astro – “Lose Yourself”

If you haven’t heard of Astro from “The X Factor” I have a feeling you will. He tackled Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” last night on the show, but switched up the lyrics of the verses to his own. This kid is only 15 years old… crazy talented. I think one of these weeks LA Reid is going to have to go to the hospital for whiplash.

And since it appears a lot of people are looking for the lyrics to the song, here you go. I tried to transcribe them as best I could, but there were a few words I couldn’t make out, let me know where I messed up so I can fix them.

I’m lost in the moment;
I look around expecting to see a few friends, but i only see opponents;
my job, I’m on it;
they Don’t think i really want it, (huh);
what about the fact that a few years ago i was homeless;
but this ain’t a pity factor, so I don’t show emotions;
I just get on stage hopin they feel it when I’m flowin;
fifteen, living the dream, with grown men waitin;
for me to fail, like the results got everybody waitin;
snap back to reality, (huh) i dress casually;
black sweaters, they mad at me;
but im winning happily;
from bk new york, it’s something like the jungle man;
you make it outta there its kinda hard to be a humble man;
plans to go ahead and make this money;
cause only thing free was the host of BET;
im feelin myself and not afraid to show it;
if you put me on stage imma own it;

(lose yourself chorus)

I got classics that ya’ll ain’t even hear yet;
I made it this far and I ain’t shed a tear yet;
boo hoo, enough with the sad stories;
i can’t depend on my pancreas to make insulin for me;
but I ain’t trippin, I aint speaking about it in interviews;
give me space like the interlude, got an igloo;
full of cavemen thoughts, and imma let em out;
biography with the lyrics ,they show you what I’m about;
last year i was unknown, but now Im major;
and knockin em out with the flow like a boxer, rest in peace Joe Frazier;
if this is my one shot, trust i won’t blow it;
and imma give my all like i owe it

(lose yourself chorus)