The X Factor – Astro: Black or White

astro x factor black or white

While it wasn’t my favorite performance of his, Astro came out and did a great job with Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” this week on The X Factor. Maybe I just can’t hear correctly, but it seems as though he flubbed a few of the lyrics, but either way I’m sure most people didn’t notice. I was going to transcribe the lyrics again as I’ve done with his previous performances, but I got frustrated that I couldn’t understand a lot of the words so I gave up. If I get time later I’ll sit down and give it another shot, but for now I’ll just post up the first verse or so.

When Astro was in the bottom 2 a couple weeks ago and came out with his cocky attitude I thought there was no way he could win this competition. I like him and all, but I felt like he alienated a lot of America and made us realize that as a 15 year old kid, maybe he’s not ready for this. But the way he’s bounced back over the last couple weeks has restored my faith in him. I really do think he’s going to win this whole competition now whether people like it or not.

astro x factor black or white

face it, in this generation;
it’s about being one, not about races;
world is changing on an everyday basis;
so lets not judge based on the color of our faces;
get rid of the beef and maintain order;
cause every body here is made of dirt and water;
i want the world to listen ??;
when it comes to the ?? I’m color blind; so check it out;

if you really understand what I’m sayin look at the person next to you and shake they hand;
i got a plan to stop all the wilin’ and violence;
some peace(?) to put all the negativity to silence;