The Walking Dead: “Welcome To The Tombs” Season 3 Finale Recap (03-31-13)

the walking dead welcome to the tombs season 3 finale recap thoughts

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is officially over, which is sad for a couple reasons. The first reason being that it’s over and we have to wait until October for season 4 to start, but the second reason is because I was a little disappointed with the finale last night. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and there were definitely some crazy moments, but I think I’ve kind of ruined the show for myself by reading the comic books. But we’ll get into that in a second, for now let’s just rundown what happend last night.

The opening shot of the episode was one of the coolest shots of the whole season in my opinion. Total darkness that slowly zooms out to reveal a The Governor’s eyeball…. so cool. The next minute or so were shot POV style of someone looking at The Governor while he’s getting the shit beaten out of him. We’re supposed to think it’s Andrea, but we quickly find out that it’s Milton. The Governor knows he’s the one that lit the walkers on fire and now he’s punishing him. He wants him to kill Andrea in order to prove his loyalty, but when The Governor hands him the knife he turns and tries to stab him, which obviously doesn’t work and leaves Milton as the one who’s been stabbed. The Governor knew all along that Milton wouldn’t kill Andrea in his living state, but once Milton turns to a walker, all he’ll want to do is kill Andrea… who is sitting across from him chained to the chair still. Andrea’s only hope is to use her toes to get the wrench that Milton dropped behind her and use that to try to break free of the handcuffs before Milton turns. First of all, can you really break through handcuffs with a wrench? It would have been more believable if he left a paperclip on the ground or something, or maybe I’m just not well versed in the art of handcuff escape… Anyways, we’ll get back to her in a minute.

Back at the prison the group is packing up and getting ready to hit the road, or are they? We’re lead to believe that the group took a vote and the consensus was to pack up and leave, which would be a good move considering The Governor is on his way to kill every last one of them. Armed to the teeth with 50 caliber mounted machine guns and grenade launchers, The Governor, along with 20 or so people storm the prison taking out the guard towers as they blast their way through the gates. When they finally get done shooting at nothing, they realize that the prison has been abandoned so they make their way inside. Once inside they hear noises in the tombs and start venturing deeper into the prison… big mistake. The noises they are hearing aren’t survivors, it’s walkers, lots of them, and they’re coming right for them! With nowhere else to go, the group runs back outside where they are ambushed by Glenn and Maggie who are in full riot gear up on the catwalks. With nowhere to run, The Governor and his men are forced to retreat as they make their way back to their trucks and speed off.

Meanwhlile, Carl, Hershel and Beth are out in the woods waiting in case anyone retreats and comes their way…. which one does, a boy. Carl confronts him, gun drawn, and tells him to hand over his weapon or he’ll shoot him. The boy beings to comply, but much to the dismay of Hershel, Carl puts a bullet in his head anyways. Carl has definitely took a turn towards the dark side. His justification for shooting the boy was that he never shot the walker that ended up killing Dale, so he was just being proactive because you never know, that kid could have come back with The Governor and killed someone. As Carl gets older, I think he’s going to become real trouble for Rick, and while it doesn’t happen in the books, if the show goes on long enough, I think Carl could become the Darth Vader of the show… only reversed, since Rick is the father.

After The Governor is run out of the prison, we follow him as his caravan appears to be heading back to Woodbury… but he’s not having any of that. He pulls his truck in front of the lead car and forces everyone to stop. They are all scared and don’t want to go back and fight the psychopaths at the prison. And this is where The Governor truly comes out as the real psychopath as he slaughters every single person there aside from Martinez and one other guy. He shows absolutely no remorse in doing so either. The only other one besides those two guys to survive is Alicia (I think), who hides herself under a dead body as The Governor is walking through the wounded, putting a bullet in them to make sure they die. This is the last we see of The Governor this season, which is part of why I’m a bit disappointed. I didn’t think they were going to leave The Governor hanging around for another season, but if they follow the comics, I kind of see where were at in terms of time-frame. So there’s definitely more story to be told in terms of The Governor and the prison, I just hope they don’t drag it all out for an entire season in the fall.

Back at the prison, Rick, Michonne and Daryl are packing up to head to Woodbury to end this once and for all. I’m not quite sure how they planned to do that with just 3 people, but that was the best plan they had. On their way there though, they come upon The Governor’s army, who have now turned into zombies and are eating the bodies of some of the other people. They take out most of them pretty quickly, since they are distracted by the food, but are quickly startled by a Alicia who is alive and in the cab of one of the trucks. She explains to them what happened and brings them back to Woodbury. When they reach the gates they are fired upon by Tyreese and his girlfriend as they stayed back to protect the women and children. Alicia calls out to them and lets them know what The Governor did, at which point Rick feels safe enough to stand up. Tyreese always knew something was up with The Governor, so he decides to trust Rick and let them in. After explaining to Tyreese that Alicia told them Andrea jumped the wall to come to the prison, Rick informs them that she never made it, and The Governor must have her being held somewhere. They head to where Maggie and Glenn were being held and find a pool of blood running under the door.

Upon opening the door, we see the empty chair where Andrea was being held, and Milton’s dead body lying in front of it. Andrea’s foot can be seen sticking across the doorway as she lays on the ground out of view. They rush in to find Andrea laying against the wall, covered in blood… with a huge chunk of her shoulder bitten off; she’s done for. She explains that she had the chance to stop all of this when she could have killed The Governor, but she just didn’t want to see anyone die… It’s always the decisions to leave someone alive that end up killing people in their group, so maybe Carl’s justification wasn’t so wrong, but you obviously never know what sort of people you’re dealing with. At that point Andrea knows it’s the end, but wants to go out on her own terms. Rick hands her his gun and leaves the room along with Daryl and Tyreese, Michonne stays behind. There’s a really cool, slow pulling shot at the end that shows Rick, Daryl and Tyreese sitting outside the door as you hear a single gunshot go off. It’s a sad end for Andrea, but honestly I’m kind of happy she’s gone. She was kind of a bitch this season and I don’t think many people liked her character. But some good did come out of the trip back to Woodbury. Rick is able to save all of the elderly, women and children that were living in Woodbury under The Governor’s dictatorship, and bring them to the prison. These people aren’t a threat and clearly no longer want to live there as long as The Governor is alive, but this doesn’t sit well with Carl.

It’s nice to see Tyreese rejoin the group, and this time it’s under different circumstances. Ghost Lori is finally appeased with Rick and decided she can move on and The Governor is now the true enemy of everyone, so there’s no reason to fear Rick and their group. Plus it gives Rick numbers in case of a retaliation in the future. And even though The Governor only has a 3 person army, he’s just crazy enough to think he can take the prison himself.

So I definitely enjoyed the season finale, but I really didn’t think The Governor was going to survive. I thought there was going to be more of a battle for the prison and more bloodshed in our group. Andrea’s death was a long time coming, and I honestly didn’t think they would do it since she’s still alive in the books, but I’m glad they did. Carl’s transformation to the dark side is going to be an interesting one in season 4, and Rick’s turning a bit soft is going to play into all of that. I really hope we get to see more of Tyreese in season 4 and I hope he sticks around a bit. My one hope is that we just don’t spend the entire 4th season at the prison as well. I hope The Governor retaliates in the season premiere and that’s the end of that storyline. There are a few things that could happen that would make for an incredible season premiere.

So there you have it, another season of The Walking Dead comes to a close and we have to wait until October for more. At least we know it’s coming back and at least Daryl is still alive.