The Walking Dead: Walk With Me (10-28-12) Recap

the walking dead walk with me the governor michonne woodbury recap

If you were looking forward to seeing what was going on with our friends in the prison this week, you were sorely disappointed. This week focused primarily on Andrea and Michonne as they are introduced to The Governer and the town of Woodbury. After witnessing a helicopter crash, Andrea and Michonne are surprised to see Merle staring them down as they watch The Governor and his people clean up the mess. It appears as though the Governor is ruthless as he pulls the still breathing co-pilot (could have just been a random member of the team) out of the downed aircraft only to jam a knife into his skull. Not wanting to get captured by this ruthless group of people, Michonne cuts the heads off of her 2 zombie companions as the start to make too much noise, but it’s too late. Merle has already found them and even just the sight of him is enough to make Andrea faint.

When we next see Andrea she is being cared for by a doctor in the town of Woodbury, a small community that The Governor has setup. They have food, shelter, medicine and protection; it’s a perfect place… or so it seems. Michonne has her doubts about the place and is dying to get her sword back, to which The Governor agrees, but only after they are outside of the Woodbury walls. He seems like a nice enough guy as he shows the two around the town, gives them a place to rest for a couple nights, fresh clothes, food, tea, etc. Andrea doesn’t see any reason why they should be in such a hurry to leave, but Michonne knows that there’s something else going on there.

We eventually learn that the actual pilot of the helicopter was still alive and being cared for by the doctor. The Governor explains to him where he is and what happened, and that if he tells him where the rest of his group is he’ll go get them and bring them back to town. Up until this point we’ve had no reason not to trust The Governor, but things change really quickly when the pilot gives up the location of his men.

The Governor tracks them down in his car, waving a white flag out out the window to signal that he comes in peace and just wants to inform them of their friends whereabouts. It starts off as a friendly conversation as he informs the men that the helicopter went down and most of the men are dead, but the pilot survived. When the man, seemingly in charge, turns around to inform the rest of the group that their friend is ok, The Governor pulls out a pistor and shoots him through the chest. Now, all of these men were military and had military grade weapons, so luckily for The Governor he had his men hiding in the tree line ready to take them all out, ruthlessly, as The Governor stood there and watched. There was no attempt made at peace, the whole plan was to slaughter them and take all of their supplies… Now we’re beginning to see how ruthless The Governor really is, but it’s not until the very very end where that idea really sinks in.

That night, after womanizing a bit, The Governor takes a key from around his neck and unlocks what appears to be a bedroom door in his apartment. I expected to see something from the comics that is a crucial part of The Governor plot line, but instead he sits down in a large leather armchair in front of some sort of bluish glowing light. The scene was made to make you think he was just sitting in front of a television as the light shone off of his face, but that was far from the case. The camera pans around to see about a dozen or so aquariums in front of him, all filled with human heads. Some of them appeared to be zombies, but when it pans up to the very top aquarium we see the pilot’s severed head floating in water, which leads me to believe that the heads in the tanks are all actual human heads, not zombies.

I really liked the way they introduced The Governor this episode. The pacing seemed nice as we, the audience, were shown how truly ruthless he can be, but Michonne and Andrea are still in the dark. Knowing what happens in the comic books, I was really hoping for something else to be behind that door at the end, but seeing as how it was a nice twist, I was happy with it. I can’t wait to see where things progress from here, what Merle is going to do when the eventually find Daryl and Rick hiding out in the prison, what Michonne is going to do when she gets her sword back, and then of course the clash of the two groups as they fight for control of the prison… you know it’s coming.

My only question now is, who was in the bushes at the prison watching Carol as she cut open that corpse on the lawn? Are they going to introduce another villain outside of The Governor? Will we get to see The Hunters? Or was it just a scout for Woodbury like I originally thought. Either way, we know that it’s definitely not Merle now…