The Walking Dead: Vatos (11/21/10)

the walking dead vatos

Great episode of The Walking Dead this week. I’ve enjoyed the show since the beginning, but it was nice to see a little more zombie action last night than we have in the past. With T-Dog, Daryl, Rick and Glenn back in Atlanta looking for Merle as well as the bag of guns, the camp has another problem on their hands. One of the members of the camp, Jim maybe, had a dream the night before but he couldn’t remember what it was he just knew he had to dig for some reason. Shane and the others confront him about what he’s doing, but he’s been out in the 100 degree heat so long he can’t remember. The holes he was digging were clearly graves so fearing for the safety of the camp, Shane restrained him and tied him to a tree until he calmed down.

Back in Atlanta the group finds Merle’s hand on the roof, gathers Dale’s tools and follows the blood only to discover that Merle is smarter than they thought he was. Merle apparently realized he was losing a lot of blood and heated up a metal plate to cauterize the wound, but then he decided to leave the building for some reason. Seeing as how he couldn’t have gone far, the group decides to go for the bag of guns before scouring the nearby blocks for Merle. Glenn decides that the best way to go about getting the bag is for him to run out there alone and then either double back to the alley where Daryl is waiting with the crossbow or run forward 2 blocks to where Rick and T-Dog are waiting. It’s a smart plan and Glenn ends up getting the guns without too much of a problem, but when the Vatos show up, there are more things to worry about than the walking dead.

The Vatos kidnap Glenn and throw him into their lowrider and speed off leaving one of their own behind after Daryl shot another one in the ass with the crossbow. After interrogating the kid the Vatos left behind, they make their way to their hideout to negotiate the safe release of Glenn. Upon arriving at the hideout of the Vatos, the leader G won’t give up Glenn unless Rick leaves the bag of guns. Seeing as how one of the main reasons they came back to Atlanta was to retrieve the guns, Rick isn’t too happy about the trade offer. Rick and the group retreat and regroup and come up with a plan, they aren’t going to give up the guns so they prepare for the worst… a fire fight.

Guns in tow they make their way back to the Vatos hideout only to find out that G and his group are there for a bigger purpose. They are taking care of the sick and elderly that were abandon when the dead started to walk. Things become a lot more civil as this discovery is made and Rick realizes he has to do the right thing and leave some of the guns with G and his crew.

After safely recovering Glenn they make their way back to the box truck they left just outside the city only to find that it’s gone and Merle is the prime suspect… Fearing that Merle is going to take out his aggression on the rest of the camp, the group starts running back as fast as they can. Meanwhile back at camp everyone is relaxing around the campfire eating the fish that Andrea and Amy caught earlier that day, but things are about to get bad… Merle doesn’t come back, but hordes of zombies do and lots of the camp are killed including Amy. It’s at that moment that Jim (?) remembers why he was digging the graves and what his dream was about. It was a little corny as it was pretty obvious that people were going to die, but what wasn’t obvious is to whether it was going to be Jim that went crazy and killed people or possibly Merle coming back and kill people, but in the end it was zombies.

I thought it was a great episode. I was a little worried when the Vatos showed up that it was just going to be one giant stereotype and it was going to get a little hokey, but I actually liked the way it played out in the end. I’m looking forward to the last 2 episodes of the season, but obviously a little sad that it’s ending so soon. Thankfully it got renewed for another 13 episodes already so I have something to look forward to.