The Walking Dead: TS-19 (12/05/10) Season 1 Finale

the walking dead ts-19

The short 6 episode season of The Walking Dead officially came to a close last night and it definitely left me wanting more. After venturing out to the CDC building last week, Rick and crew were let in only to discover that there was only 1 person still alive inside. The whole episode basically showed the survivors enjoying a bit of ‘normal’ life as they showered in hot water, ate normal food and got extremely drunk on wine. It was nice to see them actually enjoying themselves a bit even though it was short lived. Shane gets a little too drunk and gets a little too friendly with Lori and Glenn gets a little too drunk and has a terrible hangover… In the end it turns out that the backup generators that are keeping the computer systems running in the building are running out of gas, and when that happens the whole building is blown up to prevent any deadly diseases that they may have been working on from getting out into the public.

Once the alarms start going off indicating that the building will blow itself up, Dr. Jenner (the only person left at the CDC), locks down the computer room trapping all of them inside to die. After a little convincing from Rick he finally lets them out only to discover that the entire building is locked down and there’s no way out. Thankfully Rick had a grenade with him and the blew open the window and escaped just before the building exploded in a terrible CGI explosion… They all jump in their cars and drive away… the end.

I was kind of disappointed with the way it ended, honestly. I knew they were going to deviate from the books a little bit, but I didn’t like the whole CDC storyline at all. And what if the show didn’t get renewed for a 2nd season? That would have been a pretty lame ending for the series, but thankfully it did get renewed for another 13 episodes and hopefully they’ll churn them out pretty quickly so we can get back into the action. Speaking of action, I noticed a few of my buddies comment on the fact that they were disappointed that there wasn’t more violence and zombies in the show. My response to them is that the story is more about the characters trying to deal with the world around them, and yes that world now includes zombies, but it’s more about survival rather than getting themselves into situations where zombies are attacking at every moment. I will say that, if they follow the book, the story gets much better once we’re introduced to a few more characters and situations… and I really hope they don’t deviate from a certain plot point. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just leave it at that. There are definitely a couple “holy shit” moments that should be coming up if they are going to take it that way, which I hope they do.

So the first season of The Walking Dead has come to an end, but I’ll be back whenever it returns with more updates and information. For now you can pre-order the DVD
or Blu-Ray
From Amazon, which they have listed as being released on March 8, 2011.