The Walking Dead: “This Sorrowful Life” Recap (03-24-13)

the walking dead this sorrowful life recap

I’m just going to get this out of the way right now, I expected there to be much more going on this week considering what is going to happen next week. It seems like they left a lot of stuff open which they are going to have to visit next week in order to close out the season. We obviously know that there is going to be a battle for the prison and we also know that something has to happen between The Governor and Andrea… I thought for sure we were going to see the Andrea storyline play out this week, but I guess not. So really, that was my only gripe with last nights episode, the rest of it played out pretty well.

The main theme of this episode was family and respect. We’ll get to Merle in a minute since he was the main focus this week, but the idea of family also played into Glenn and Maggie on a different level. Glenn and Maggie kissed and made up in the last few episodes and it’s made Glenn realize that he cares more about Maggie than himself, as he told Daryl. He knows that he wants to spend the rest of his live devoted to her, whether that’s only a couple more days or a couple more years, he’s committed. He even takes the time to do things right and sit down with Hershel and explain his intentions and get his blessing. It kind of reminded me of when I sat down with my wife’s father and asked him for permission to marry his daughter… Ok, not really since there weren’t zombies walking around everywhere or the looming threat of a psychopath trying to kill me, but I know the feeling of asking a father for his blessing. And I know that it definitely brings family together and adds a level of respect. With blessing obtained, Glenn sets out to find the perfect ring… on the hand of a walker. It’s amazing that the first walker he found had the same ring size as Maggie. Also, walkers tend to become emancipated and lose wait pretty quickly, it’s a wonder that ring stayed on her finger this long… I know, I know, trivial. Glenn then proposes to Maggie in the lamest way possible and she says yes, the end. I like the idea that even within this terrible world they are living in, love can still find a way… It’s corny, but it kind of gives you hope that one day things could go back to the way they were.

Glenn and Maggie was only a small part of the episode, the meat of the plot followed Merle as he goes from monster to redemption, or at least an attempt at redemption. We all know that Rick had a tough choice to make when it came to turning over Michonne in exchange for a truce between Woodbury and the Prison. We also knew that The Governor never had any intention for the truce to stand, he was going to kill every last one of them once they handed Michonne over. At the beginning of the episode we see Rick plotting with Daryl and Hershel about how to get Michonne alone so they can bring her to The Governor. Rick seems to think they need Merle’s help in the matter so he sets out to find him and let him know what’s going on. We find Merle ripping apart mattresses as he’s looking for drugs. He’s had it with everything and just wants to escape in his own way. Rick and the rest of the group won’t accept him as one of their own, they will never trust him again, Glenn and Maggie would kill him if they had the chance, and his own brother has started to turn his back on him. The idea of taking matters into his own hands and turning Michonne over to The Governor on his own seems like a way to win over the group… or at least Rick.

Merle knows that Rick doesn’t have the balls to follow through with the plan to turn Michonne over, so he takes it upon himself to lure her down into inner prison so he can knock her out and tie her up. And just as Merle suspected, Rick doesn’t have the balls to carry out the plan. Hershel is definitely relieved to hear that, but there’s still a problem, Michonne and Merle are already gone. Merle leads Michonne towards the prison, but seeing as how it’s not the closest walk, he decides to tie Michonne to a post and hot wire a car. Little did he realize, but the car had an alarm which goes off and starts to attract every walker within earshot. Michonne, not having her sword, needs to fend off a handful of walkers on her own, while having her hands bound and being tied to the post. This was the most band ass part of the whole episode in my opinion. She knocks the first walker down and smashes it’s head like a watermelon. The second walker is a bit tougher. It comes out of the room behind here, but Michonne is ready. With a quick spin, she has the walker pinned against the post with the restraint wire wrapped around it’s neck. Using brute force, she pulls from behind and decapitates it like a fuckin boss.

With a vehicle obtained, Merle and Michonne are finally on their way to Woodbury. Michonne keeps her calm demeanor through the ride as she tries to get into Merle’s head with talk of family and his brother. Just when it seems like she’s not getting to him, she explains that Daryl has a new family and they respect and need him. Obviously Merle has a soft spot when it comes to his brother and knows that he abandon him when they were kids, leaving Daryl to take the brunt of their father’s abuse. I think he started to realize that if he didn’t do something to redeem himself in some way, and Daryl’s new family ended up getting hurt or killed, Daryl would never let him live it down. It’s at this point that Merle stops the car and tells Michonne to go back. He hands her her sword and drives off.

The next scene finds him parked outside of a bar drinking with the windows of the car cracked and the music blasting; hordes of walkers attacking the sound. He slowly starts driving the car, making sure to keep the walkers with him as he approaches the meeting place where Rick is supposed to hand over Michonne. Before any of the armed men can see him, Merle jumps out of the moving car, letting it slowly come to a stop as he runs inside the building and takes aim with his gun. The music has attracted tons of walkers, not to mention gotten the attention of The Governor and his men. As the men scramble to take out the walkers, Merle starts picking them off one by one. He even manages to take out Allen’s son Ben (from what I could tell), which is sure to leave it’s mark on Tyreese and company. After managing to take out a few of the guys, Martinez notices him as does a walker. While Merle is struggling with a walker, The Governor manages to sneak up behind him and get the jump on him. Merle puts up a pretty good fight, which I was so hoping would end up with The Governor missing an arm like in the books, but instead it ends up with Merle getting shot in the chest.

As soon as Rick realized that Michonne and Merle were missing, Daryl set off to find him while Rick gives a rousing speech that contradicts everything he said at the end of last season. The group will now put every decision to a vote and Rick will no longer act as a “Governor” to the group… He’s finally realizing that he’s not the one that kept them safe, them working together is what kept them safe, and by doing what he did, Merle proved he wanted to keep his brother’s family safe as well.

While Rick is talking to the group Daryl finds his brother at the meeting point, feasting on a body… he’s turned. Talk about an emotional scene. Daryl has always come off as the hard ass of the group, never taking shit from anyone, doing what others won’t, but to see him vulnerable and distraught over the death of his brother was almost unbearable. And the way he took him out was just plain brutal. I think it was all his pent up rage towards his brother finally coming through, but at the same time his love for him was always there. Such an emotional roller coaster of a scene, but also fuel to the fire in that there’s no way Daryl is leaving the prison before The Governor is dead.

So while I’m a little curious as to how everything is going to wrap up next week, this week’s episode had everything you could want out of an episode. It had ridiculously cool zombie killing scenes, creepy Merle, badass Daryl, Rick finally coming to his senses, incredible emotion, and no Andrea. I think this was a great lead-in to the finale next week, but at the same time I really wish there were parts of the comic book that came into play a bit more. Who knows, maybe some of those things I’m looking for will show up next week, I guess we’ll just have to see.

So what did you guys think of this weeks episode?

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