The Walking Dead: The Suicide King Recap (02-10-13)

the walking dead the suicide king recap

The Walking Dead returned last night to much fanfare, yet I was expecting a little more from the return episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, and some interesting things happened, but I thought there would be a little more excitement to welcome us back. The most exciting part of the episode was right at the beginning when Rick and Maggie rescue Daryl and Merle… which I’d already seen as it was the clip they were showing online for the last 2 months.

As I said, the episode picks up right where we left off; Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar set out to rescue Maggie and Glenn from the clutches of the Governor in Woodbury. Oscar ends up getting killed and Michonne disappears to exact her own revenge. Maggie and Glenn are rescued, but in the ensuing firefight, Daryl is taken hostage and forced to fight his brother Merle to the death in the biter-ring. After a few minutes of semi-fake fighting, which seemed pretty real even though Merle sounded like it was pretend, Rick and Maggie start picking people, and lights, off one by one until their smoke grenade has provided enough cover for Daryl and Merle to escape with them. Things get heated when the group meets up with Michonne and Glenn who are waiting back at the car. Glenn is not having any of Merle joining the group, as he witnessed first hand the brutality of him when he was being held captive. The argument escalates and eventually leads to Daryl making the choice to leave the group and stick with his brother. Don’t worry guys, I promise this isn’t the last we’ll see of Daryl. I have a feeling him and Merle are going to show up to help the group take on The Governor, as I’m sure Merle has some pent up rage towards him.

Back at the prison, the remaining survivors are getting a little too comfortable with Tyreese and the new group of people. Hershel is tending to their wounds, they trust them around the baby, and Carl doesn’t seem to be quite so on edge. You would think a couple weeks had passed by in the prison, while it’s still the same night back at Woodbury… Tyreese and his wife/girlfriend seem like decent people, but the father and son duo have other things in mind. While taking their mother/wife out to the field to bury, they come up with a plan to take the weapons from Carl and Carol as they patrol the front gate. I honestly would have liked to see them try. Carl and Carol would have fucked them up without question. Did they not see what Carl is capable of as he rescued them from the inner workings of the prison. You don’t want to cross this kid, he shot his own dying mother in face for christ sake. Stupid plan aside, Tyreese and his woman put a stop to it quickly and honestly seem like they could be a benefit to the group, but of course Rick isn’t going to see it that way.

When Rick gets back to the prison he’s immediately confronted with the fact that there are new people in the cell blocks. Hershel tries to reason with him and tell him that they are good people, but Rick isn’t having any of it… although I’m pretty sure nobody knew what was going on with him when he started yelling at a window… Lori appears to him in a flowing white dress, and Rick is really freaking out at her, not at Tyreese and his group, but nobody else can see ghost-Lori, so they just assume that Rick is adamant on sending Tyreese and company out into the wild to fend for themselves, so they leave. Lori is still causing problems from beyond the grave; what a bitch. But again, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see Tyreese and at least his girlfriend again. If we do see the father/son combo, I don’t think they’re going to survive the showdown with The Governor, but that’s just my prediction.

Back in Woodbury (I know I’m jumping around a bit), the townsfolk have finally seen how brutal and sadistic The Governor can be and they want out. But it’s kind of hard to leave when the front gate is blocked by armed guards who think otherwise, not to mention the walkers that have gathered outside the gate due to the commotion. Oh, did I mention that when Rick and company left, they left a gaping whole in the side wall which allowed walkers to get in and feed on a man in the middle of main street. Andrea takes out the walker with the quickness, but doesn’t have the heart to put down the dying man that the walker was feasting on. Don’t worry though, even though nobody has seen The Governor since the night before, he makes it a point to walk outside, shoot the man in the head and then walk back in without saying a word. Andrea confronts him as he’s gathering up a bunch of guns into the sheriffs bag as he’s obviously preparing for retaliation. He doesn’t seem concerned about the towns people whatsoever, which has left Andrea to calm everyone down. She steps up and gives a rousing motivational speech that seems to do the trick for the time being, but we’ll see once The Governor asks them to attack the prison.

So like I said, I thought the episode was good, and I’m so glad it’s back, I just thought there would be more of a “wow” moment to welcome us back. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out, even though I kind of have an idea from reading the books.

What did you guys think of the mid-season premiere? Am I just being too hard on it?