The Walking Dead Season 3: TV Show vs. Comic Book

the walking dead tv show vs comic books season 3

As most of you probably know, The Walking Dead started off as a comic book back in 2003 and became a TV series a couple years ago. We’re now half-way through the 3rd season of the show and things aren’t quite the same. The comic books and the TV show have taken slightly different paths to get where we currently are right now, but the general idea and overview of the story is still the same. This post is going to indicate the differences in storyline in season 3, so far, between the comic books and the tv show. I will update this post as we get further into season 3 and I’ll try not to post anything from the books that could still possibly happen in the future, as to not spoil anything for anyone.

To start off with, the prison storyline covers issues 13 through 48 of the comic books. If you are reading the trade paperbacks, I believe it’s books 4-9, but I’m not 100% sure.

Tyreese, whom we’ve only just met in the mid-season finale episode of the TV show, has been with the group for some time now in the books, along with his daughter and her boyfriend. He and Rick have become pretty close and trust each other pretty well. So along with Tyreese, there are some other people that are still part of our group at this point. Daryl isn’t even a character in the comic books, so he won’t be mentioned, but Andrea is never separated from the group after Hershel’s farm and still resides with them at the prison. She’s also not quite as much of a pushover/idiot as she is at this point in the TV show. We also have a few other characters in that Dale is still alive, Allen and his twin daughters are around as well. Since Allen and his daughters don’t appear in the show yet, I will refrain from talking about them for now. If they come into play down the road I’ll dive into their characters in the book a bit more. Hershel, his son Billy (in the TV show this is kind of the Beth role as she’s not in the comic books at this point), Maggie, Glenn, Carl, Carol, Rick and Lori are all hanging out in the prison. So that’s where we stand in regards to who’s around. Now let’s get into what’s happened. I’m going to focus on main events in the show and explain how they differ from the comics.

Dale is an obvious one, he’s not in the show anymore, however, it does have some relevance. In the comics, Dale is the one who has his leg bitten by a walker and amputated. It doesn’t happen in the same way that Hershel’s does, but the end result is the same.

Clearing out the prison happens pretty much the same way, and the surviving prisoners are also found in the comics, although Rick isn’t quite as distrusting in the comics as he is in the show. And in the show Andrew is left to die in the yard with the walkers, yet survives and lets those walkers back into the prison… that doesn’t happen in the books. Lori does die, but not as it happens in the TV show, but I won’t tell you how quite yet as it happens later on in the story arc. Also, because Lori dies later in the story arc in the books, Rick finding the phone doesn’t happen until later as well, but that does happen. Oh, and did I mention that Sophia is still alive as well…

In terms of what’s going on at Woodbury, Andrea obviously isn’t there because she’s with the group at the prison. So none of that dynamic between The Governor and Andrea happens as it does in the show. The fights in the “arena” still happen, but in the books there is no mention of the teeth being removed from the walkers. Merle isn’t in the books so he’s not there with The Governor.

rick hand chopped off the governor comic books the walking dead

The biggest difference in the Woodbury stuff is who gets captured and what happens to them. Instead of Glenn and Maggie being captured, like in the TV show, it’s Rick, Michonne and Glenn after they go to investigate the crashed helicopter. Glenn and Michonne are held in those two adjacent garages, similar to Maggie and Glenn in the show, but Rick is questioned elsewhere and almost immediately has his hand chopped off when he won’t tell The Governor where the camp is. Meanwhile, Michonne is repeatedly raped by The Governor while Glenn is pretty much left alone.

michonne raped the walking dead the governor

There is no firefight in the middle of Woodbury like in the show, Rick, Glenn and Michonne escape on their own, along with a the two doctors and Martinez, a guard turned good…. or so they thought. Before they escape though, Michonne gets her revenge on The Governor by torturing him, chopping off his arm, and scooping out his eyeball. The eyeball is lost in the show, but none of the other stuff really happens. I was really hoping to see the arm get cut off, but oh well.

Half way through the 3rd season and that’s kind of where we’re at in comparison with the books. I know I left out some details about things that happened in the books before some of the events that we’re currently up to on the show, but I did that on purpose because I’m not sure what they are going to show later on in the tv show. Since Tyreese was just introduced to the show, they may go back and do some of the stuff that happened while he was there.


As episodes air, I’ll update this post to show the differences between the comic and the show. If I missed something so far, feel free to fill in the blanks. I did re-read the prison storyline recently, but sometimes I have a hard time retaining what I read.